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T-2 in the countdown, everyone get for some fun!!  For those of you who have never attended a Book Euphoria event you are in for a Treat!!!!!!!  The Book Bar has been rolling with these girls from the beginning and I can tell you each event has had it’s own uniqueness, just like the founders.

Here is a list of all the books in this series:  Please note these are not available on amazon until 4/4/19, available for pre-order now.   If you are at the event you will be able to get copies before everyone else!!!!!

Lover’s Bid by A.C. Arthur

The Alpha Bid by Ty Young

The Rival Bid by Reese Ryan

The Reluctant Bid by Sheryl Lister

Losing the Bid by Suzette Riddick

Invitation to Bid by Angela Seals

The Contingency Bid by Sherelle Green

The Renegade Bid by Kelsey Green

The Birthday Bid by Suzette D. Harrison

An Outlandish Bid by E.J. Brock

A Bid on Forever by Joy Avery

Switched At Bid by Nicole Falls

The Closing Bid by Elle Wright

The Bid Catcher by Anita Davis

Each novella can be read as a standalone, so please do not feel as if you are committed to purchasing and reading each novella in the series. However, I can safely say that you might be missing out on 14 fantastic stories if you don’t.

Be sure to check out Christina Jones and Phyllis Borne to see what new works they have with them.

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