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Standalone: Yes

Publisher : Harlem C. Boston

Publication date : April 30, 2021

Genre: Black & African American Romance Fiction

Prepare to fall back in love again with this new irresistible and charming romantic comedy that is a fighting match for the hearts. Settling for love is just not this girl's cup of tea, but someone knows how to add just the right amount of sweetness to unclog her heart.

Who wants to fall into the arms of a bodacious physical therapist?

Mahogany Taylor sure doesn't... At least not anymore since her college crush broke her heart. Now that she's a multi-millionairess princess owning one of the largest branding enterprises in the country. She's over love... Or is she? Mahogany joins her besties in the beautiful snowy mountains, and doesn't expect to find anything. Well... That is until her college crush Des Franklin shows up uninvited. Des Franklin, the hot bod, physical therapist any day other than when he puts his firefighter volunteer hat on.

Undeniably the perfect pair especially when they're sneaking off to cover each other in chocolate kisses, but Mahogany won't admit that she's slightly attracted to him. Absolutely not, never going to happen in a million plus years, but when fate takes control sparks fly. However, just when she starts to fall for the green-eyed hunkster, Mahogany's high profile client gives Des play by play competition, and her face ends up plastered all over social media. Will Des blow out this fire before it ruins everything? Is Mahogany keeping a secret of her own?


About Harlem C. Boston

Harlem C. Boston is a lover of all things romance, and has an associate's degree in psychology. She loves listening to R&B music and is a Hallmark watching kind of girl. She even dibble and dabbles with writing her own song lyrics. The moment she fell in love with reading was when her mother introduced her to one of her favorite story books Three Little Pigs as a child, and from there she ventured off to the wonderful world of writing. She penned her first story at the age of eight. She writes contemporary romance that melts your heart away and lives in the state of Tennessee.

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Candi Lott
Candi Lott
Mar 15, 2021

Thank you, Midnight Ace Book Bar!!!!!!!😘 I'm loving it!

Candi Lott
Candi Lott
Mar 15, 2021
Replying to

Me too!😍

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