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As Good As The First Time

 I gave this one 🥧🥧🥧🥧 aunt Joyce pies

Who doesn’t love a small-town story with sweet treat baking? In “As Good As The First Time” we travel to the small town of Sugar Lake where we enjoy family baked secrets, a second chance romance, mysterious supporting characters and suspense…. In every small town there is a spirit of hospitality that families share, but when it comes to their children it is common to always want better for them. Clayton and Olivia just wanted to be sweethearts and their love grew more and more with each summer visit, until one visit shattered everything without an explanation. Olivia Gale tries to live her life doing the right thing and when her big city career and current relationship falls apart, she is more than ready for a redo. So, when the family’s bakery hit a rough spot, she welcomes the opportunity to have the change of scenery and cultivate her baking abilities, but not the distraction. Clayton Morris tries to put his life back on track after his pass mistakes, he has his plate full as the town’s fire chief, single dad and looking out for his mom and brother. His contentment is derailed when he walks into Goode ‘N Sweet and unexpectantly puts eyes on Olivia and old feelings come flooding back. Now they are forced to deal with their past and rekindle sparks that can’t be ignored. I enjoyed this small-town romance and the author penned some strong supporting characters that made this story complete. Aunt Joyce made you feel right at home with her strong-willed, witty and loving personality. Now Caleb Morris, the recluse brother spotlighted this one with his mysterious personality and I REALLY HOPE THAT HE HAS A STORY IN OUR FUTURE!!!!

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