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It’s always a good time when I attend Great Midwest Book Fest, so there is no surprise I was in my element being around books and the people write and read them!

When I begin my walk through I came across Isaiah Thompson and was quickly captivated with this young man, who has 2 published books.  After our discussion it was no question he would be my highlight for today’s event.

As with any new author, it is necessary to have an author/reader engagement before making my purchase.  And no, Mr. Isaiah was not exempt and he held up during all of my questions.  When I asked authors which release is their favorite, Isaiah, like most responded with a pause.  I chose “I Keep Forgetting Stuff!” because it was the one thing I had to deal with the most when dealing with school age children.  It’s my hope that there’s some insight on how he overcame it.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the Book Bar Event MVP “Isaiah Thompson”


A First Grader’s struggle with understanding and dealing with anger.

Growing up is hard! First, Kurt was mad because he didn’t understand why there were so many rules in school. But he has learned the importance of following rules and listening to his teacher so that he will grow up to be a famous NASCAR driver! But now Kurt is facing another trial! He has to remember to do so many things as he gets older. It is very frustrating and has consequences that he does not like at all. However, Kurt is going to explain how to overcome the difficulty of forgetfulness!



Isaiah has maintained an above-average level of literacy and comprehension since K-4. Isaiah is involved in the Ministry at his church as a Youth Usher and a member of the Boy Scouts. He has participated in many events involving reading and literacy, and is always willing to help others when in need. Isaiah enjoys playing video games, traveling and writing.


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