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If you're looking for a new author or a new flavor from this author. You'll want to check these out. The author has plunged into a world of paranormal.

Stand-Alone: No

Series: Creole Nights

Book: One

Publication Date: March 25, 2018

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

By all accounts, Chicago Police dispatcher, Enola Roux’s life would have been considered completely normal; and that was fine with her. But when Enola has to return to her native Louisiana, she learns that her life is anything but ordinary. Enola is suddenly inducted into a world of spells, curses, ancient grudges, and…


Louisiana Pack Alpha, Gideon Toussaint, has walked the earth for more than a hundred years. He was sure that he had seen and done it all. But when Gideon is nearly knocked off of his feet at the sight of the Roux woman, he felt a longing that he hadn’t experience in his entire existence. Unfortunately for Gideon, mating with the Roux women was forbidden. However, rules, even his own, would be broken.

Forbidden or not, Gideon would have Enola Roux.


Stand-Alone: No

Series: Creole Nights

Book: Two

Publication Date: January 2, 2021

Genre: Multicultural & Paranormal Romance

Enola Roux is running out of time…

She’s back and more powerful than ever. Too bad she doesn’t have the first clue about what to do with all that power. Luckily, Enola’s husband, Louisiana pack alpha, Gideon Toussaint, serves as her protector while she fumbles through her magical lessons.

The last time French vampire, Bishop Delacroix, was in Louisiana, it was a French colony. To his misfortune, a lost coven, with a lack of leadership, has forced his return. Bishop fully expected to find a disheveled community of undisciplined vampires. And that’s exactly what he got. What he hadn’t expected was…

Marguerite; the fun, carefree, party girl, living off family money. Or, so they all thought.


USA TODAY bestselling author, Phoenix Daniels is a novelist who loves creating stories about love, romance, crime, and a ton of sex. She started writing as a tribute to her deceased daughter, Jasmine, whose untimely death interrupted the completion of her first novel. Phoenix wrote her first novel in honor of her fallen angel.

Phoenix Daniels has lived an eventful life and has suffered the greatest of losses. She writes to get through it all. She loves hard and appreciates her "outlets".

As a 19-year veteran of one of the largest police departments in the United States, she has seen and done a great deal in law enforcement, and she often infuses her experiences into her writing. Her men will always be alpha. Her women, strong, kick-ass heroines.


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