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Please welcome Raymond McCullough aka Mr. Big Stuff to your Mr. Black line-up. He steps in at number six and is representing Philly.

It appears his name "Mr. Big Stuff" may proceed him in business and pleasure. Let's see what insight into Juneteenth he is offering.




Publisher ‏ : ‎ She Loves Words Publishing LLC

Publication date ‏ : ‎ June 12, 2023

Genre: Black and African American Romance

Raymond "Mr. Big Stuff" McCullough

Raymond "Mr. Big Stuff" McCullough didn't just get his name from being one of Pittsburgh's biggest most powerful names. He also had a certain quality about him that either scared a woman away or dared her to try him at least one time. That's usually all they could handle—leaving Raymond lonely most of the time.

Tracey Copeland had been looking for something or someone to break up the monotony of her life and when that didn’t happen, she begins to feel like she was losing at the game of life. In one of her most impulsive moves to date, she changes her life for what seems like the worse. But fate intervenes and brings her into the path of a man so big, he shakes her life up, and all she can do is hope to land on her feet. Fearful of the consequences, she has to decide what to do next: run once again or stick to her guns and see what hand life deals her. Tracey did say she was looking for a challenge, and Mr. Big Stuff was exactly that.

In the Baes of Juneteenth multi-author series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black love, Black culture, and Black history.


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