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Billionaire’s Legacy Review

I gave this one 🍷🍷🍷🍷and recommend it to any fan of romance with a few twists in the journey.

“Just for one night”

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but was pleasantly surprised, it was anything but a typical story about a billionaire with a baby. It was a test of fate, family bonds and the loyalty of a friendship.

When Benji and Slone decide to spend a nightcap of catching up, they later find out it tied them to a lifelong commitment. The family and friendship ties are put to test. Being a billionaire isn’t what has Slone proceeding with caution, its’ the fact that he is all grown up and hard to resist. The decision to make a clean separation the morning after would allow her to walk away and cut all ties. Slone had been able to hide her secret from everyone, until Benji shows up on her door step and she is forced to deal with her feelings for him and expose why she has been hiding.

After exposing her with a surprise visit his emotions are in a tailspin. Now, with marriage on his mind, Benji is more determined to make them a family, but can he trust her? He devises a plan that would keep them together until he could convince her that they belong together. Telling his family proved to be more difficult than convincing her.

Will he be able to get her to agree to his proposal?  Will acceptance of love and forgiveness come before it’s too late to mend the bonds?

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