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This one has earned every bit of the 5***** and more!

This book had me right at the beginning and it will definitely be a reread.  It was funny, intriguing, sensual and depict a vision of a blessing received.  I loved taking the journey to love with Malakai and Avery. The cyber world may have had the “D”, but there was no mistaken when Avery walked in Malakai’s office they were what I called a match made in heaven.

Avery wasn’t just his Image Consultant; she was his Image in all things.  Malakai was so much more beneath the surface and it was very clear that Avery was the only one worthy of capturing the true essence of the man.

I also enjoy visiting with the Madden family and the Cranberry Heights festivities, can’t wait for the next trip to see what’s in store for C ³ .

Below are a few quotes that stayed with me….

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