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Updated: Aug 8, 2023


Publisher ‏ : ‎ Green Books Publishing, LLC

Publication date ‏ : ‎ June 6, 2023

Genre: Holiday Romance

Secrets, deceptions, and lies.

Michele Sims, the multi-award-winning author of the Moore Family Saga is back with a second-chance romance novel.

Carly Rivers, a small-town girl with big dreams to become a renowned expert on historical African American communities unexpectedly encounters her college sweetheart,

Mason Moore, after ten years apart in Charleston, South Carolina. Mason has transformed his family’s business into an international conglomerate.

Both are rising from the ashes of a failed marriage.

Can Carly survive in Mason’s world of secrets?

Can they rediscover the love they once shared, peeling back the layers one at a time?

Or will the untold truth cost them the second chance at love they both deserve?


Love Is.?!

Love is - displayed in many ways within this story. This couple's second chance at love did not come easy. When you add the facts surrounding their separation: the feeling of betrayal, lies, and rejection, the time of separation, and the unwelcoming reunion, we wonder if there can be a second chance.

Mason Moore is at the helm of a big company responsible for buying land in his hometown. As fate would have it, one of the properties to be purchased is the one that ignites memories and the beginning of their reunion.

The thing about small towns, most people spend so much time trying to move away, but it is the first place they return to heal and rejuvenate. It was necessary for Mason and Carly to recover what they once had. They were a good example of what God has for you...neither of their first marriage worked. Those previous partners didn't have what they both needed.

The author did a good job crafting a story that was heartwarming and relatable. I recommend this one for your reading pleasure.


My Book & Booze Crew; here is a suggested drink pair: Cooper's Hawk Cab/Zin.

The Caber­net contributes sol­id struc­ture and earth while the Zin­fan­del lends jam­my fruit and spice.

Cab/Zin is a well-balanced red blend with tannins and finish. On the palate, you experience hints of smoke, leather, and jammy flavors.

It offers a nice compliment to Forever Carly and the complexities of the story.

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