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Image finding love on a cross-country road trip🤔💕.

Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Rose Gold Press, LLC

Publication Date: March 23, 2021

Genre: Black and African American Women's Fiction

When Frankie Alexander’s brother insists she have a traveling buddy for her move from Atlanta to San Diego, she’s not holding her breath after hearing his suggestion. Spence Jackson has let her down before, so she doubts he’ll show. Imagine her surprise when he pops up at her door wearing a smile, holding two cups of delicious coffee, and ready to drive the U-Haul across the country.

Going on a road trip is far from a joy ride for this successful attorney. Spence never imagined he’d be going through such lengths to reconcile with his ex-fiancé who moved to San Diego. Even more surprising is being accompanied by Frankie, a woman he’s all too intrigued by. Between good music, great company, and an unforgettable stop in Mexico, Spence soon realizes that he never experienced true love until the day his best friend’s sister hopped into the cab of the U-Haul.


You never know when or where love will strike. You have to be ready to answer when it comes. For Spencer and Frankie, it was on a cross-country road trip in a beat-up U-haul.

After a failed relationship, eviction notice, and no closer to catching daddy's attention, Frankie Alexander's brother secures her a job and convinces her to move to San Diego. She is adamant about bringing all her belonging and driving a U-haul to get them there. The conditions that big brother gives after he forbids her plans that seals her fate.

Spence Jackson is afraid of flying, and he too needs to get to San Diego to be a groomsman at a friend's wedding and needs to get answers to his own rejected wedding proposal.

Last Sunset of Mexico offers a well-written story with great characters. You will love how well the couple compliments each other as well as the funny and witty adventure.



Monica Richardson writes romance based in the Caribbean Islands. Her debut romance title, AN ISLAND AFFAIR, was released April 1, 2015. She currently has 4 books that are a part of the Talbots of Harbour Island series. And her latest novel, The Last Sunset Over Mexico, was released in March of 2021.

Her alter-ego, Monica McKayhan currently has 11 titles in print. Four are adult novels, and 7 are young adult titles. The first book in her young adult series, Indigo Summer, was the launch title for Harlequin's imprint, Kimani TRU which made its debut in January of 2007. That same year in May, Indigo Summer snagged the #7 position on the Essence bestsellers list, another first for Kimani Press. It also appeared on the bestsellers list in the May 2007 issue of Black Issues Book Review (BIBR). Indigo Summer appeared on the American Library Association (ALA)'s list of 2008, 2009 & 2010 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Monica's young adult title, Ambitious, appeared on the ALA's list of 2013 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults. In 2009, Monica received a film option from Karat Films for the first five books in the INDIGO SUMMER series. She also penned her first romance novel, Tropical Fantasy in 2013.


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