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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A.C. Arthur has an engaging new series coming soon!!

Things are not always what they seem. Check your facts before you condemn… Portia…Portia she was a force to be reckoned with!!


Stand-Alone: No Publisher: Artistry Publishing LLC Publication Date: September 8, 2020 Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction Heat Level: Steamy

Play to Win by A.C. Arthur Ethan Henley traded in his suit, tie and Secret Service badge to mix drinks at the Game Changers Sports Bar he now co-owns with his childhood friends. Returning to their hometown where they’d been branded the “bad boys” wasn’t part of their plan, but now that they’re back, they’re determined to prove everyone in town wrong. For Ethan, that means making amends with the girl who’s heart he’d unintentionally broken during high school.

Portia Merin left Providence and the awkward life she’d led there behind long ago. After a messy breakup and her retaliation leads to her unintended stardom as a sex instructor on YouTube, she decided to roll with it—despite her lack of actual experience on the subject—and is now on tour to promote her first instructional book. Life’s looking pretty good for Portia right now, until the weather and the sale of her godmother’s house leave her stranded in Providence and her old high school crush shows up with a copy of her book.


Ethan Henley and Portia Merin begin our adventure in the small town of Providence.

By the small-town standards Ethan, as well few others from The House were slated to fail in all aspects of their lives. Growing up in the House made them brothers, with a strong bond. Portia, also from the same town grew up in a frugal household with parents that believe it’s their way or the highway.

After becoming successful and upstanding members of society, they find themselves back in the place that threw them away. Ethan retires from the secret service to mix drinks in the sports bar he co-owns with his House brothers. Portia beats the odds against her.  Her profession is a  Sex/Intimacy Instructor.  But, it was decision leading up to that first video that spearheaded her million-dollar empire.  This happens to be my favorite part of the story.

One of my favorite takeaways from this one is your past does not define your future. Overall, this was a great intro to the series. Now, I can’t wait to grab the next release.

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