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Last week the Book Bar had a chance to catch up on titles from Sherelle Green.  Let me tell you her recent releases were 2 damn good reads.  Check them out and my thoughts.

Fake News (Social Experiment Book 3)

Her Investigative Reporter Rule #1: Never get too close to the subject of your story. Up until now, I’ve been able to separate business from real life. Yet, the more up close and personal I get to him, the more difficult it is for me to back away. With each penetrating stare, he sucks me in deeper. His kisses are as lethal as his words. He has secrets that could cost me my job and put me in danger. So why do I feel like he’s dangerous for all the right reasons.

Him Street Fighter Rule #1: Never underestimate your opponent. I don’t know much about her, so I definitely shouldn’t trust her. She has me opening up in ways I’ve never done with anyone. Steering clear of her at all costs should be my goal. Yet with each conversation, I uncover more layers. She’s hiding something. Then again, so am I. The more I’m with her, the harder I fall. Now I need to figure out if I’m the one putting her life at jeopardy, or is she the one risk I never saw coming.

*Fake News can be read as a stand-alone. Unlike the first two novellas in the series, this novella is not a romantic comedy and contains romantic suspense elements.*


This one gets🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

When I heard that “Fake News” was going to be a different type of social experiment, I really didn’t know what to expect.  So, like the others, I set out to have a little fun. No surprise, Madam Social has fingers on every pulse/s, but I will caution you this is a different type of experience.

This Social Experience takes us on an undercover assignment at an underground fight ring; to find out if there is any illegal activity.

The investigative reporter in me says oh yeah there is some suspicious behavior going here.   When everyone is wearing a mask, no real names being used, and secrecy is the air they breathe.  Is there really any other conclusion?

Predator and DK instantly have chemistry so strong neither of them can ignore it and I loved getting to know them.  You must stay focused because this is no easy walk in the park.  With the twists and secrets uncovered, this one keeps you on the edge of seat.

The author did a great job of using this fictional body of work to address a very real issue we are faced with in todays world of media/social media.  DK, Destiny and Cecilia enlightens us on how a creative journalist could spin a story…. know your subject matter…. stay informed….be careful in taking everything at face value.

Every character had a hand in making this a great story that can be enjoyed by a varied audience.


Black Friday: High Life Short Story

Living the high life ain’t easy, but being drunk on love is worse.

To say Deluxe Moore hasn’t had an easy life would be a huge understatement. Her main complication? LaCross Paul, the walking temptation determined to make her his. From the streets to the sheets, Luxe learns that Black Friday was never about shopping, and if Cross has his way, she’ll be asking for a repeat performance by Cyber Monday.

Special Note: If you enjoyed Claimed By Crayson (To Marry a Madden), you’ll enjoy these High Life short stories.


This one gets 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

I must say I am enjoying the different flavors from this author.  In this short story Sherelle Green gives us an opportunity to catch up with Crayson and Jordyn.  Now that they have their businesses up and running, we meet some of the staff.  Yes, Crayson is still crazy and Jordyn is still rocking her HH. It seems the couple has a soft spot for second chances as they hired within the neighborhood.

Luxe and Cross has a checkered pass, while being caught up in the street life, they managed to fall in love, marry and become a family.  The same life that brought them together is the very same to separate them, at least on paper.  The hearts of these two refuses to separate.

I really enjoyed getting to know Luxe and Cross as they journey to a second chance at love.

Great read and recommend for your reading pleasure.

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