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One unexpected, but memorable and intense kiss almost destroy TWO powerful empires! This couple has a lot staked up against them...can love fix it?

My Bid is on Love!

Publisher ‏: ‎ Amaris Publishing LLC

Publication Date: ‎ February 23, 2024

Genre: Black Romance, Contemporary Romance

The plan was simple. One night. No commitment. No regrets.

Single dad, Benjamin Jenkins Jr. learned the hard way that women can’t be trusted. But the moment Mahogany Rowsey hits his radar, he’s captivated and unable to resist her magnetic pull.

Mahogany can spot a player a mile away, and she’s managed to dodge every single one… until Ben. He charms her into a one-night fling that leaves her panting for more. But it won’t happen again. She lives in Chicago. He lives in Cincinnati. Still, that doesn’t stop her from wanting what she can’t have.

But when Ben shows up to bid on a project Mahogany is overseeing, what began as one night of passion becomes so much more. Can these two get on the same page long enough to turn one night into forever?

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