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BOOKS & BOOZE REVIEW: Dirt Bag: Sole Survivor

I just finished this heart-gripping thriller. This picture captures a small visual of the journey Thomas/LoLo/ Dirt Bag had to endure. Author King De'Kari great job. If you're looking to add a new author to your list, I recommend trying Dirt Bag.

After being kidnapped by a psychopath with multiple personality disorders, Young Thomas Smith Jr. aka LoLo is in a fight for his life.

During LoLo’s captivity, a twisted tale begins to unfold. A tale of murder, tragedy, love and a fight for survival that began three years earlier when his mother revealed that she was not his biological mother while on her death bed. Then revealing to him that he is the son of the infamous She-Wolf, Anne, and the legendary Mobb Boss, Thomas T’Rida Smith.

After his mom’s death he finds himself homeless, doing any and everything he can to ensure his survival. Along the way he meets Nyomi, another lost soul and falls in love. A love that would be taken away when tragedy strikes again.

This is an epic, captivating, on the edge of your seat thriller about the many misfortunes that led to LoLo turning into the Legendary, Dirt Bag.


"Dirt Bag: Sole Survivor" is the first title I've had the opportunity to read by the author. The book and the authors made a very bold introduction to the Book Bar shelves.

"Dirt Bag: Sole Survivor" is a heart-gripping thriller. This page-turner not only entertains but moves and transcends the reader into the streets and the world of Thomas Smith aka LoLo. He goes by Dirt Bag or Dirt to all who take the time to get to know him.

LoLo, a 10-year-old boy, endures some very dark experiences. After losing his mother, his only known family member, he's thrown into a world of one trial and tribulation after another. Motherless and homeless, he picked off to foster care, and as you might guess, there was no safe-haven.

Thinking he would have a better chance on the streets, this child overcame most things a grown man may not have made it through; abuse, homelessness, hunger, and captivity, to name a few. I liked how the voice of his mom appeared to be guiding him through difficult situations. The entire time of reading this, I was on an emotional rollercoaster, some of which broke my heart, but I was so caught up and unable to stop reading.

This book is best experienced first hand, and I strongly recommend that you add this exceptionally written and engaging read to your reading list.

Readers Note: I believe there might be a back story in another series, but it doesn't take away from this story.


Cooper's Hawk Barbera Barbera is a harmonious blend of two Barbera grapes. One Barbera hailing from old-world Italy and the other Barbera from new-world California, a synchronizing bridge between two continents. Its made from 75% California grapes and 25% Italian grapes, giving it dual citizenship status.

Food Pair Recommendation: Steak and mushrooms

Book Pair Recommendation: Dirt Bag: Sole Survivor

This wine has a bit of complexity with its blend of old and new worlds. The nose picks up dark fruits, peppery spice, and leather and/or oak. The sip offers so much, full-bodied flavors and nice balance of fruit and acidity.

It is this wine's complexity and blend of old and new worlds that makes this a perfect pair to this book.

Note: I believe the Barbera Babera blend was a limited edition, but you can still get Cooper's Hawk Barbera, which has the California grapes. It is just a enjoyable. Available inclusively @ Cooper's Hawk about $22-$25.


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