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BOOKS & BOOZE REVIEW: "A Christmas to Remember"

Updated: Jan 25




Publisher: Avon

Publication Date: October 24, 2023

Genre: Black and Historical Fiction

NAACP nominee and USA Today bestselling author Beverly Jenkins returns to her beloved Blessings series with a Christmas wedding in the town of Henry Adams, Kansas.

Ever since Bernadine Brown bought the town of Henry Adams, her relationship with diner owner Malachi “Mal” July has had its share of ups and downs. But now they’re finally ready to say “I do.”

Or are they? As wedding preparations go into full swing, and families both local and extended begin to gather for the festivities, that long awaited walk down the aisle hits a speed bump that may derail everything.

But Mal and Bernadine’s relationship isn’t the only one being tested.

Preston Mays aka Brain, loves his girlfriend as much as he does physics but when she decides being a couple is no longer a good thing, his heart is broken. Will connecting with his bio dad’s family ease his pain?

Reverend Paula Grant has been patiently waiting for God to send her someone to share her life. When the town’s charming new chef arrives in town, she wonders if he could be the one.

And then there’s former mayor Riley Curry who throws a parade with his hog Cletus! There’s always a lot going on in Henry Adams, and this will be a Christmas to remember.


Hey Word Geeks,

I just finished reading "A Christmas to Remember," the eleventh installment in The Blessing series, and I couldn't resist sharing my thoughts. As with every release in this series, it left me nostalgic and eagerly anticipating my return to the fictional town of Henry Adams.

Every trip to Henry Adams is an emotional experience. This time around, we catch up with the town's citizens, watch the kids grow up, and welcome a newcomer who has already spotted his soulmate, and it appears that Mel and Bernadine might finally tie the knot. Plus, it seems like Riley and Cletus may have struck gold!

The rich history of this town and its people has a healing power. It provides the strength to forgive and fall in love. Whether you've read the entire series or just a few volumes, the depth of history and love embedded within these pages undeniably enhance the reading experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with these characters and this town. I'm sure you will too! So why not give it a read?

Hey Book & Booze Crew, I've got a delightful wine recommendation for you - Stella Rosa Pink. Stella Rosa Pink is a vibrant, youthful, and exciting semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that doesn't hold back. It's a feast for the eyes and a treat for the palate, with a playful pink hue that whispers of fun times ahead.

Stella Rosa Pink may not offer much on the nose, but once it hits your palate, expect a light, airy taste of strawberry. The strawberry-forward flavor reminds me of a Jolly Rancher, making it a delightful, candy-like indulgence. For the best experience, I recommend serving this wine chilled for a crisp and refreshing treat.

One sip of this wine and I was whisked away to thoughts of a bridal shower, and the anticipation of Bernadine and Mel’s wedding. It's a perfect choice for any ladies' get-together, shining on its own or mixed into a fruity cocktail. If you're interested, you can find Stella Rosa Pink in most grocery or wine & spirits stores, with prices ranging from $10 to $12.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Cheers, and Happy Reading,

Your Book Ambassador & Fellow Wine Enthusiast

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RELEASING 1/30/2024


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