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Iris Bolling is a master wordsmith and her stories continues to offer something new and exciting with each release. I like to also offer a few fun facts about our wine selection...The company, Love Cork Screw, it is black owned with a women at the helm and she happens to be Chicago-native. You've met the author, now continue reading to meet the wine owner, Chrishon Lampley.

Black Excellence...

A Lassiter Wedding Series


Publisher: Amaris Publishing LLC

Publication Date: July 8, 2022

Genre: Black and AA Romance, Suspense Thriller

Family is not always determined by blood...Sometimes it's found in the people you love.

Lawrence ‘LT” Palmer came from humble beginnings. Contrary to his past, LT is now a self-made billionaire, the mayor of a large metropolitan city, and about to marry the love of his life, Sapphire “Phire” Lassiter.

Sapphire, the sassy-mouthed baby girl of a family of twelve children, brought life, passion, and love into his world. She is his inspiration for the games he designs and his biggest supporter as mayor. However, her wish for their wedding day is something he is not sure he can deliver.

Sapphire Lassiter has connections all the way to the White House. She has the ability to make things happen and people disappear. However, at this moment she has two goals. One is to marry LT Palmer, the other is to have his and her family together supporting them on their wedding day. Unfortunately, two of LT’s half-siblings interfere in her dream. They go too far when their cruelty touches LT’s grandmother. For Sapphire, all bets are off for a friendly-family gathering. Rather than striking back with her fists, which is her usual reaction, Sapphire counteracts with a vengeance that is life-changing for many.

Will LT and Sapphire make it to the altar before one of them end up behind bars? No one is certain as the wedding of the century turns into…A Risky Affair.



Yes, as you can imagine, this will not be a typical wedding. Let us take stock of a few key elements in this elaborate event that no one wants to miss;

1.) The Lassiter family is involved,

2.) Trent/Palmer family dysfunction,

3.) Uncovered layers that make up the man (LT),

4.) The love and commitment between them, (LT & Phire)

5.) Event Planner extraordinaire, Cynthia Lassiter.

We have all watched Sapphire mature and come into her own. She is the one that will likely be the head of the Lassiter's patriotic legacy. In their first book: PHIRE,

one defining moment that stood out was how LT trusted and commissioned Phire to protect his heart. This came with the knowledge of her limited experience with

relationships. With a life-threatening stunt, she failed at her first attempt. Now, hunty Ms. Sapphire Lassiter, soon-to-be Palmer, is racking up points in spades with how she has protected LT and guarded his heart.

It should be no surprise why this self-made billionaire was the perfect choice for the mayor of this town. Lawrence 'LT' Palmer continues to live in the area that

supplied his humble beginnings and allowed him to understand the fabric of its system. He may be the town's favorite, but quite a different story when it comes to his family tree. Will this Trent/Palmer bloodline collision keep these two from making it to the alter?

The author gives us another fantastic adventure full of action, drama, healing, family, and love. I can't wait until the next release, it looks to have the promise of even more drama. I recommend this for your reading pleasure.


Wine makes a good book great, don't you agree!?

Love Cork Screw – Sweet Riesling

Sweet Riesling is fragrant nosed with a distinct lemony-grapefruit character. Supple body with a cleansing crispness.

Enjoy this wine whenever you endeavor to indulge in pungent cheeses and dried fruit desserts.

Head Over Heels offers aromas of citrus on the nose. On the palate, there are hints of lemon zest & apple. There is no missing the lemon-forward flavor but you'll relish the smooth finish with the right amount of sweetness and acidity to balance it all out. I enjoyed this one and will have a few bottles on hand for that next relaxing weekend.

The relationship between LT and Phire is one of balance and displays of love, with elements of serious beatdowns that is typical of a Lassiter. There is many characteristics of both wine and book that makes A Risky Affair and Head over Heels a great pair.

COST: $18

You can find this and other Love Cork Screw selections in most local wine & spirits, local grocery stores or directly from the website LOVE CORK SCREW.

Whether you enjoy this Books & Booze Pair together or separately, enjoy and sip responsibly!

Meet the Owner



No matter the setbacks or the impossible odds stacked against her, this strong-willed Chicago-native doesn’t have time for doubts or giving up. When things go sideways, that’s when you can expect Chrishon to be at the top of her game. And that’s exactly how the story of Love Cork Screw began.


It was Christmas morning when Chrishon got the call. A freak flood in the building of Chrishon’s thriving Chicago art and wine bar that she had co-founded several years prior had destroyed everything. When an insurance loophole didn’t cover the damages, Chrishon was forced to shutter the business. Finding herself back at ground zero, Chrishon’s instinct to pick herself up and figure out what was next kicked into high gear. She had been running a lifestyle blog and radio show for fun called, Love Cork Screw, where she frequently shared advice and tips on wine, entertaining, and relationships. In the aftermath of the flood, it dawned on Chrishon that Love Cork Screw was more than just a blog, it was a brand; her brand.

Love Cork Screw encompassed all the things that Chrishon was passionate about bringing together and sharing with others. And just like that, Chrishon’s mission to reinvent how we think about and experience wine was set in motion.

With more than 1 million bottles of wine sold nationally to date, a line of wine scented candles and self-care products, and an online marketplace dedicated to the sale and promotion of home goods and products exclusively made by people of color, Chrishon’s vision for Love Cork Screw is as relevant today as it was when she launched the lifestyle brand in 2013: “Love Cork Screw is more than just wine. It’s a whole mood.

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