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I loved Romaric and Poppy's journey to love and the host of supporting characters will definitely intrigue the readers.

Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Rose Gold Press, LLC

Publication Date: February 11, 2021

Genre: African American Romance, Multicultural

After a mind-blowing interlude with a perfect stranger, Poppy James is thinking of one thing only... Mr. Gray Sweatpants. The last task she wants to be doing is planning the perfect wedding reception with her cousin's soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Charmant Cocoa Company CEO, Romaric Charmant, isn't keen on marriages or meeting the latest addition to the Charmant family. He prides himself on privacy, yet, planning a low-key reception with a woman who makes her living on television spells trouble. Especially when he discovers that his unforgettable one-night-stand also happens to be his wedding partner.


Cocoa Dreams is a heartwarming story of family, love, and circumstances. When Poppy and Romaric meet, they are wearing a mask of sorts of their alter selves.

Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Gray Sweatpants is the Charmant Cocoa Company CEO, and the conservative Penelope is the pink-haired media wilderness sensation, Poppy James.

Fireworks ignite once they connect at an exclusive club on their way to unwind before all the stresses of planning the wedding of Romaric's brother Mike and Poppy's cousin Beau. As you can imagine, you do not experience passion the way these two did and walk away unaffected.

A unique family dynamic is one of my favorite troupes, and Cocoa Dreams has it in spades. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and especially the contrast between our hero and heroine. Even though they are both protective of their family and stop at nothing to make sure the family legacy is successful, Romaric did it from the boardroom, and Poppy does it with a pink wig and going viral with The Glamp Life. But when it came to baking and chocolate, these two are equally matched.

The author captivates the reader with all the vivid scenes shown through the eyes of the characters. Cooper's Hawk Vin Chocolat Noir was the perfect wine pair. I enjoyed this and, I recommend you add it to your reading list.





Aro­mas of cher­ry and rasp­ber­ry inter­twine with choco­late, pro­duc­ing a deli­cious and intrigu­ing combination


Rich and sweet, with ripe red fruit fla­vors, lead­ing to a long choco­late and berry finish


Choco­late desserts

Before tasting Cooper's Hawk Vin Chocolat Noir, I wasn't a fan of dessert wines. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, on the nose, there is a powerful hint of hot chocolate with subtle hints of berries.

Even though this one leads with the chocolate taste, it's not overly done. You will enjoy the smooth taste of the semi-sweet, chocolate, and berry taste of Vin Chocolat Noir.

I've moved this to the list of favorites.


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