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Diamond Lake Rattlers: Book One

Publication Date: April 30, 2021

Genre: Multicultural and Sports Romance

Stormi Knight is free from the constraints of her past relationship and isn’t interested in going back. The only love she’s interested in is the love she has for her contemporary jazz club, her namesake, Stormy Nights. During a night out in the city, Stormi finds herself on a blind date with a man she’d hoped never to see again.

Star shortstop Juan Carlos “JC” Peña is a fresh face to the city of Diamond Lake. The ladies love him, and the city needs him, and he knows it. His arrogant attitude and cocky ways make bonding with his team no easy feat. After he’s ousted from a popular jazz club, JC’s thinking of making some much-needed changes in his personal life.

Stormi and JC are finding an unexpected groove with each other that feels just right. But when the ties of JC’s past catch up to him and an old threat materializes for Stormi, there’s no way they can stand together. What will it take to bridge an ever-widening gap between them?



Wow! Whew, where do I start? Diamond Lake Series is a co-author collaboration featuring a sports romance troupe. These couples are up against some high stakes; we are not just talking about the stats or Wins or Losses on the field. The Game of Life trumps it all!

Up to bat first, we have Caught In The Game with Stormi Knight and Juan Carlos “JC” Peña. On a day when Stormi is mourning the loss of a septic marriage, the one thing she did not need was an unwelcomed first impression with another arrogant and entitled MAN.

The Diamond Lake Rattlers star shortstop, JC Peña, is unstoppable on the field but, when it comes to matters of the heart he has been known to gain a few errors.

Although their meeting was a near disaster, it was no denying the chemistry between them. The reader will enjoy their journey as they navigate through all the skeletons and obstacles before them to have what they both

Caught in the Game is a captivating story that grabs you right from the beginning with the realism of sensitive subject matters from manipulative and abusive relationships - mental health issues - to finding a soul mate. The reader will feel the highs and lows of each character.

This series is off to a great start, I enjoyed it, and I recommend you giving it a try. It will not disappoint.


Diamond Lake Rattlers: Book Two

Publication Date: April 30, 2021

Genre: African American and Sports Romance


Zeke Powers, the best catcher in the Major Leagues, has been reckless too many times and is in danger of losing his baseball contract without the help of his sexy publicist, Jade Maxwell.

The woman he can't (and doesn't try to) resist.

Jade believes she has what it takes to change Zeke's bad-boy reputation if she can just get him to be more open and believe that his personal triumphs are bigger than the game.

Recently divorced from an unfaithful husband, Jade is also wary of their alluring, soulful chemistry that Zeke is temptingly insistent on exploring. Always straightforward, Jade makes it clear to Zeke she doesn't mix business and pleasure, especially with a handsome and charismatic athlete who has never been seen with the same woman twice. Undeterred by Jade's reticence, he knows it's only a matter of time before she succumbs to their magnetic attraction. After all, Zeke didn't beat all odds to have a dream career as a professional ballplayer without persistence and patience.

And Jade Maxwell is so worth the wait.



Wow! Whew, where do I start? Diamond Lake Series is a co-author collaboration featuring a sports romance troupe. These couples are up against some high stakes; we are not just talking about the stats or Wins or Losses on the field. The Game of Life trumps it all!

On deck, we have Zeke Powers and Jade Maxwell. To the world, Zeke is the best catcher in the league, and he presents himself as someone that is living life on his terms with no approval needed. When the celebrations have quieted, a hangover is not the only thing left in its wake. His inner demons are lurking just underneath the surface.

When his agent orchestrates an image change, he hires a publicist, Jade Maxwell. If Jade can add Zeke to her list of clients, it will be just the boost in business she needs. This referral, by definition, is a conflict of interest because of her ex-husband's recommendation. No one could have anticipated how explosive the chemistry would be at their first meeting.

Jade does what Zeke's agent hasn't been able to do, she is opening doors, and things are looking up for Zeke. He has even agreed to do an exclusive interview. Now, this is where things go left, and the very reason didn't do interviews is exposed. His entire world turned on its axis and, Jade is left holding the bag. Will they be able to right this foul play?

Overall, The Other Side of the Game is a well-written story with great characters. It is engaging, and certain scenes will pull at your heartstrings. Throughout the book, the reader will feel the highs and lows of the characters' journey.

I recommend this book for your reading pleasure it is will find it is well worth the time.



Why let Bourbon have all the fun...Cooper & Thief Sauvignon Blanc is a rich wine full of aromatic fruit characters, with classic citrus and spice notes reminiscent of fine blue agave tequila, giving way to toasty vanilla flavors from the barrels. Aging for three months in Casa Noble añejo tequila barrels creates an unusual richness in the structure, balanced with refreshing acidity and finishing with a subtle heat.


78% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% French Colombard, 10% Sémillon and other whites

Alcohol: 16.5%

FOOD PAIR: Shellfish and Goat Cheese


Caught in the Game by Cassie Verano

The Other Side of the Game by Tiye Love

COST: $26-30 It can be found at most of your local wine & spirits or grocery stores.



I've enjoyed a variety of bourbon, whiskey, cognac, and brandy, aged barrel wines. I was excited to try this tequila-aged barrel Sauvignon Blanc.

This SB is a unique and complex wine, medium-bodied dry wine. The tequila shows up along with citrus notes for a smooth finish.

The complexity of this wine complements both stories, but as far as my palate, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I reserve the right to try it again at a later date.


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