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Why is this series a must-read? If you enjoy an engaging series that explores real emotions and struggles through the eyes and hearts of realistic characters, I would recommend JL Campbell's Virtues and Vices series.

“With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

**Matthew 19:26

The Virtue and Vices series, to date, includes three titles;

Series: Virtue and Vices (Book One)

Publisher: The Writers' Suite

Publication Date: June 26, 2020

Genre: Black and African American Christian Fiction

What can go wrong when an ambitious man accepts a promotion overseas without consulting his wife?

Much more than Russell Majors anticipates.

With a thriving career, a comfortable home, and two healthy sons, this new chapter is an unwelcome surprise for Amoy Majors.

A move abroad means physical exams, biometric screenings, and embassy interviews. All normal requirements or they would be if she didn't believe they might stir a hornet's nest.  

When an unauthorized test yields unexpected results, the pillars on which her life is built are shaken. 

Whether her marriage will survive a shocking revelation, and her faith withstands a trial by fire, is anyone's guess. 

***DNA is inspirational fiction with a focus on marriage.


My Thoughts...


The series kicks off with Russell and Amoy. Russell takes a job that will take them overseas without consulting Amoy. Amoy has a career of her own that she isn't ready to give up and follow him across the globe. When Russell forgets that Amoy is his partner and not a dependent, it brings discord into the family. This couple's journey deals with how a marriage survives past revelations, broken trust, and a shaken faith foundation. I love how the author used this couple's situation to show examples of when we find ourselves in a valley. We should remember the promises of God to get us to the breakthrough. DNA is a well-written storyline with intriguing characters and a must-read!


Series: Virtue and Vices (Book Two)

Publisher: The Writers' Suite

Publication Date: November 9, 2020

Genre: Black and African American Christian Fiction

Guilt is a bitter enemy when you sacrifice one precious gift for another.

Dane’s two-year-old daughter is the center of his world, and doubly precious because of her health challenges. When he discovers a son from a previous relationship, his world implodes. No matter what path he takes, everything he holds dear is at stake, and life will never look the way it did before tragedy knocked at his door.

Between family drama and her weight issues, Sophie is struggling to cope. Then, her greatest fear becomes reality when she loses her daughter. Making it from one day to the next seems impossible, her trust in Dane is at an all-time low, and so is her morale. All she has is her faith, an unlikely stopgap, and the hope that everything will fall together rather than apart.

****** Sacrifice is inspirational fiction that features a couple grappling with profound loss that can end a marriage. It brings a message of faith during a time when so many are dealing with unexpected losses of one kind or another.


My Thoughts...

SACRIFICE The title sums this storyline! We meet Dane and Sophia, and their journey will tug on your heartstrings. It deals with the loss of one child and the sacrifice of another. Grief can be hard in any situation, but losing a child can destroy a marriage once the foundation is cracked. Nyla was the center of Dane and Sophia’s world; they struggle to stay upbeat while dealing with the demands of her care. When they lose her, things spiral out of control, and grief, blame, guilt, anger, and avoidance become their daily route. Now they have to deal with more than Nyla's death. Dane's past comes into play. Things get a little messy and force two families to put aside their differences, look in the mirror, and embrace the idea of something new. The author once again pens a fantastic read that shows how God can take the mess of our doing and make a miracle.


Series: Virtue and Vices (Book Three)

Publisher: The Writers' Suite

Publication date: March 30, 2021

Genre: Black and African American Christian Fiction

Women. Money. Parties. Dominic Whitehorn’s life revolves around these staples until he wakes up to the reality that he’s broke, and living in a foreign land.

He hates his overbearing brother, and can’t stand his mother’s lectures. The only other source of help is his father, who suffers a heart attack.

With tighter reins on the family business, and his loan called in, Dominic’s problems multiply.

To make matters worse, the woman he’s interested in believes he’s a lightweight, and another claims he’s the father of her baby.

Ashley Dennis knows Nick is a troubled soul because she’s been there. They make an unlikely couple, but will her example and conviction be the catalyst he needs to turn his life around?

***Dominic’s Pride is inspirational fiction with a focus on family and relationships.


My Thoughts...

DOMINIC'S PRIDE I enjoyed Dominic's Pride, and his journey could be summed up with "God had snatched him up and turned him around before he destroyed himself." Dominic, in my opinion, had been catered to throughout the years. He was able to take an easy road with things always handed to him. When the family business is forced to watch the bottom line, he knows his carefree lifestyle is coming close to an end. It is not until he comes face to face with losing his job, a loan marker called in, and a paternity claim that he thinks maybe he needs to change. This read is bursting with nuggets; the importance of family, the power of prayer, how we are all separated by six degrees. After reading this one it appears the strong-willed brother, Marlon has an untold story that I do hope the author has in the works. This is a great read, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure!



The perfect change of pace for both sweet and dry wine lovers. Refreshingly light and tart, Lemon Moscato is the newest addition to our Vine Series Moscato collection.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Pasta, Fish, and chili lime shrimp


COST: $9-12

This is available a most local grocery or your favorite wine & spirits stores


My Thoughts...

Oliver Lemon Moscato is the newest addition to the Moscato family. It reminds me of a summertime experience. You get lemon and citrus on the nose. The sip offers the mouth a light crispy, yet refreshing citrus and sweet experience. I paired this with the Virtue and Vices series, which gave us a lot to take in, but this wine offered something light to complement the book without overtaking the storyline.


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