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A journey that starts with a break away from medical emergencies and decompressing turns into a Forever Fling.




Publisher: ‎ Rose Gold Press LLC

Publication Date: ‎ August 24, 2021

Genre: Black/African American Romance

Can Elijah show Melissa he is exactly what the doctor ordered?

Dr. Elijah Grayson isn’t looking forward to presenting at a medical conference. Until a chance meeting provides this cardiothoracic surgeon with the adventure he’s looking for. Spending the week exploring a picturesque French Caribbean island with a beautiful, smart, and intriguing woman reintroduces Elijah to emotions he hasn’t felt in a long time—if ever. Still, navigating a new long-distance relationship and a demanding career is challenging, but he will do anything for the woman who captured his heart.

Melissa Gaines hasn’t stopped thinking about the sexy doctor who helped her check off items on her island bucket list. However, when a job opportunity in a new city brings her face-to-face with Elijah again, Melissa must decide if her deep-rooted fears—thanks to a devastating breakup—outweigh her growing feelings for the handsome surgeon. And maybe he’s the prescription she needs to liven up her life.



Can something real happen in a place where all types of dignitaries and professionals meet and true identities are expected to be kept discreet? When Melissa Gaines and Dr. Elijah Grayson bump into each other literally, it sealed their fate. While she was thinking island fling, Dr. Grayson, on the other hand, was thinking more long-term.

Melissa is at an impasse in her life. She is dealing with a failed workplace relationship that didn't end favorable and caused her to quit her job because of it. Melissa would rather suffer in silence than reach out to her family. When she agrees to tag along with a friend to a conference, she decides what's the harm in having a fling, then returning with a fresh outlook on things. Only, she didn't anticipate getting caught in Dr. Gayson's crosshairs.

Dr. Grayson attends the conference expecting the same ole agenda as many others had been. He is at a point in his life where he is tired of the random hookups and thinking more about having that true soul mate. After being blessed out by Melissa, he couldn't think of anything else but her. Can this cardiothoracic surgeon have the desires of his heart?

The author did a good job engaging the reader in this couple's journey. Her writing offered visuals as well as seeing the perspectives through the eyes of the characters. There were memorable secondary characters that helped move the story along, and I wouldn't mind a few of them with a story...hint.

I enjoyed Melissa and Dr. Grayson's story, and I believe you will as well.


Côte des Roses celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle. The Languedoc appellation stretches along the Mediterranean coast from the Spanish border as far as the city of Nîmes, along the foothills of the Montagne Noire and the Cévennes.

The bottle is original with its base in the shape of a rose, created by a young designer from the Ecole Boulle. A wine to be given in the same way you would offer a bunch of roses!

COST: $17-20, Can be found in most local wine & spirits and grocery stories.




The couple's journey is similar to the wine, it is a bit complex with all it presented from site to taste. A first look there is a certain innocence, and on the nose, pick up lots of citrusy flavors and floral bouquets. Upon tasting, expect all the experiences of the nose, joined with medium intensity on the palate with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, melon, orange, and floral hints.

As they say, it's a wine to be given in the same way you would offer a bunch of roses! The intricacy in the design of the bottle speaks of love and romance, complimenting Her Island Fling well. I enjoyed the sips along with each page.

Whether you enjoy these together or separately, enjoy, but sip responsibly!


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