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Homicide at Vincent Vineyard is from Harlequin Intrigue Collection:

Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.


A case from the past

Could change their future

New chief of police Jake Love is just settling in when information on a cold case pops up. Bringing closure to the murder at Vincent Vineyard is his top priority. And having his girlfriend, Ella Bowman, at his side helping with the investigation should have drawn them even closer. But when Ella’s connection to the powerful family leads to threats, the truth’s revelation might destroy them both. 

Discover more action-packed stories in the West Coast Crime series. All books are stand-alone with uplifting endings but were published in the following order:

Book 1: The Heart-Shaped Murders

Book 2: Danger in the Nevada Desert

Book 3: Homicide at Vincent Vineyard


Thoughts from the Book Bar...

The title and cover grabbed me instantly. The oenophile in me wanted to know what would bring someone to such rage to kill in the presence of a vineyard and endless supply of wine.

I love a unique family dynamic and the Vincent family did not disappoint. I could imagine the wine-tasting experience was one to remember, but I would keep my head on the swivel.


It didn't take long to get caught up in this plot and the unfolding layers of these characters.  Solving this crime came with many clues, twists, and secrets, yet by the end, you are still surprised at who the killer was.  Getting to see Jake and Ella’s journey to love was a bonus to this otherwise tragic story.


The author gave us a great romantic suspense, one that I recommend you try for yourself. You can thank me later.

My Book & Booze Crew; here is a suggested drink pair Apothic Pinot Noir.

A bit about the Apothic collection, it is said to be inspired by Apotheca, a mysterious place where wine was blended and stored in 13th-century Europe, the wines of Apothic are truly unique in style and taste.

Conceived to be untraditional and bring innovative wines to market, each sip tells a unique and intriguing story.

Apothic has a variety of flavors to choose from for your tasting experience. The Pinot Noir retail between $10 and $15 and are available in most grocery and wine & spirits stores.


This Pinot Noir is rich in raspberry and cherry aromas, it is light to medium bodied, with a smooth and silky finish. It is on the a little on the sweet side, but not overly so.

Since Pinot Noir was at the center of the bringing Vincent Vineyards down, and Apothic is kind of my go to when I am reading intense suspense storylines, I was happy to bring this one back.

A great wine to have on hand for chill moments, reading, and hanging with friends.

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Jan 17

Thank you for this wonderful write-up/review, Midnight! I appreciate you! ~Denise N. Wheatley

Jan 22
Replying to

It was my pleasure and you certainly gave us a wild ride with this one.

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