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With each Young In Love installment, Elle Wright gives us another dose of reality and a lot of family fun.



Publisher: ‎ Elle Writes Books LLC

Publication Date: April 21, 2022

Genre: Black/African American Romance

A long time ago, I helped her. Little tips about what to wear, how to leave a man wanting more, ways to be sexy without being too obvious. The guy she’d wanted was wrong for her, though. Still, she’d wanted him anyway and ended up with a broken heart. But she wasn’t the only one, because even after I’d made my own intentions known, she walked away.

Now, she’s back in town. Still beautiful, still intelligent, still funny, and ready to start over after a bad breakup from someone who never deserved her in the first place.

Want to know when I fell for one of my best friends? I can’t even tell you. Somewhere between eating Superman ice cream in her mom’s backyard and punching the first boy to ever make her cry.

Want to know how I got friend-zoned? She’d have to tell you. My services—Wingman for Hire—help women drive the men they want crazy. Yet, I couldn’t seem to get her to notice me that way.

Want to know what I decided to do about it? The absolute right thing at the wrong time.

Now, everything is different. The past is supposed to be forgotten; the rejection should be in the rear-view mirror. And I’m not asking for much… just forever.

IT'S NOT THE HOOKUP, IT'S THE CHASE is book three in the Young In Love Series, featuring the very large, very fun Young Family. If you love romance with layered characters and laugh out loud moments, snag your copy. This novel contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subjects that some may find triggering.



We are back with Book #3 in the Young in Love Series. Is there any significance in the title? Humm, in this case, It’s Not the Hookup, It's the Chase, makes a good backdrop for Dexter and Charlye’s journey.

From a friend to the client and now lovers, Dexter and Charlye have an engaging story of love, loss, healing, self-discovery, and a man with the patience of Job. These two had been a constant in each other lives since childhood, but the timing was never right for them. Dexter would bait the hook and cast the line, but Charlye would always slip away. It took the Burke and Young families banding together to get these two on the right track. The combination of the Young and Burke family shenanigans was a highlighted bonus of the story. Elle Wright brings home the importance of family support and forgiveness. And with each installment, we learn a little more about these Young siblings through matters of the heart.

The closing scene leaves you with a cascade of questions about the characters and where the author is taking you next.

If you like a read that dives into and addresses real-life issues sprinkled with love, fun, and the support of family. I highly recommend this one. You will not be disappointed.



Cooper's Hawk has done it again with another great collaboration. Liberté is the most recent union between Cooper’s Hawk and the Boisset family, the American/French red blend bodies a complex blend of dark red fruits and spices, with hints of smoke.

Its bold flavors are a bit dry and have a long, smooth finish. If you like a bit more kick to your sip, consider trying this one.

Much like the Burke and Young family blends together with the union of Charlye and Dexter, Bossette and Cooper's Hawk blends grapes from their two regions, and we now have Liberté...a French word for Freedom.

This wine is exclusively at Cooper's Hawk and is priced right around $20. It also has a great story behind the wine.

Whether you enjoy the pair together or separately, do enjoy, but sip responsibly!

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