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Looking for your next book club selection, I recommend "LARGE AND IN CHARGE" There was so much to love about this one, you're missing out if you don't grab your copy.

Stand-Alone: Yes

Publisher: Urban Renaissance

Publication date: February 23, 2021

Genre: African American Contemporary Romance

Two years ago, aspiring model Devyn was on the fast track to success and living her best life as D’Morgan, engaged to a rising hip hop star, mentored by one of the world’s biggest supermodels, and the center of attention for thousands of adoring fans and followers. Then, it all came tumbling down, and in a matter of minutes, she lost everything she loved and more. Now, D’Morgan no longer exists, and the spotlight is the one thing Devyn has managed to avoid.

Corporate event planner Asha is Devyn’s best friend and has been by her side through everything: the good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows. Whatever Devyn needs, Asha is there. When Asha discovers an opportunity for Devyn to use her runway talent in a new direction, she doesn’t hesitate to guide her best friend on a new path and purpose in life and love.

As fate would have it, Devyn is once again thrust into the public eye and facing the demons of her past. Can Asha balance helping her best friend while dealing with her own drama? Will Devyn find the strength to finally stand on her own? Or will the friendship they’ve built be destroyed by the secrets they’re hiding? In this crossover novel, La Jill Hunt introduces us to a new, memorable cast of characters with appearances from a few other familiar ones.


Large And In Charge introduces the reader to three friends; Devyn, Asha, and Chasity (Chase). These characters will not be easy to forget. While I believe the author meant for this to be the story of Devyn's journey, she shares a lot of insight into Asha. Also part of this journey is Chase.

Devyn (D'Morgan) is on her way to living her best life with success just at her reach when everything comes crashing down; a failed wedding and losing loved ones.

One of the most uplifting things about this story is seeing family and friends sticking by her side as she navigates through all her traumatic experiences. Asha is an event planner extraordinaire and one of Devyn's best friends. She is front and center to help Devyn pick up the pieces of her life and ensures to soften any blows that come in her path. As this story progressed, it was difficult to tell which of the two needed support or if the friendship had become somewhat possessive on Asha's part. Chase is in the mix, and her involvement was caring and supportive but not over the top. When the three worked in tandem, there was no denying they could be a force to be reckoned with we it came to getting the attention of the right people. I would be remiss if I did not tell you that Devyn's love interest, Nigel "aka" Bear, had great chemistry and were a perfect match.

There were a lot of nuggets in this one, and the supporting cask intriguing and complete the story. I recommend this heartfelt tale of unique relationships and how they impact one's life. With the drama and suspense, this will this is sure to interest you. It is a great book for discussion with friends/book clubs and a nice glass of wine.

The Book Bar paired "Large And In Charge" with Stella Rosa Pink.




Flirty, fun, and young are the words to describe Stella Rosa Pink, the semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that's understated. She is a tease on the eyes but means business on the palate.


Strawberry and rose petals


Gorgonzola and Brie cheeses, seafood linguini, braised salmon, black cherry chocolate cake, berry tart.

You can find Stella Rosa Pink at your local grocery or wine and spirits. Cost range from $10 -12




Stella Rosa Pink has a balance between sweetness and acidity. The palate will enjoy this light, fruity strawberry flavor, which takes the lead on taste and smell. It puts you in the mind of a strawberry-jolly rancher. And Because of its light and flirty characteristics, it could be a transitional wine for someone just beginning to experiment.

I have to admit this one has everything it takes for summertime fun. It would also be the perfect wine to serve for that special event with light refreshments; a baby shower or launch party.

With all the drama and twist in Large And In Charge, I almost chose something with a little more kick, but with the first sip I knew Stella Rosa Pink was a good pair for this adventure. It might be quiet in its coloring, but it takes you to task with its flavor.



LaJill Hunt is a native of Mobile, AL who burst onto the literary scene in 2003 with her debut novel, Drama Queen. The memorable characters she created and the entertaining stories she told quickly drew best-selling success and a following of fans, young and old.

Although known for her urban chic-lit novels, she has also contributed to the street anthology series Around the Way Girls and penned an urban romance Another Sad Love Song. Her erotica short story, Catch 22, is currently available as a digital download. Currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA, LaJill enjoys spending time with her daughters, family, and friends.


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