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World Building at its best. Where fact and fiction look a lot alike.

Book & Booze Review


Well, this author's power with the pen, whew! It never ceased to amaze me. This story and her interconnecting series have been a host of unexpected experiences.


S.I.B.LINGS brings us back to the lab of twisted scientist Bradford Chambers and his attempt to take control of the world with a serum that is as powerful as it is mysterious. The adventure continues, with Bradford realizing his foundation is not as solid as he perceives it. In fact, it is his greed and that of his cohorts that will bring their walls down one brick at a time.


Why do we call "News with Curves" also by Iris Bolling, a bridge book? Its storyline acts as a catalyst for understanding this new world we dare to enter.


What I enjoyed most about S.I.B.LINGS is this author's broad imagination, the development of the characters, and her extraordinary ability to build a world where fact and fiction look a lot alike.

Anytime an author's writing can make you become attached to not only a fictional character but that character be a crow, that is a story that will stay with you long after The End. Have an open mind and take this ride, you will not be disappointed.



Wine pair review


My Book & Booze Crew; here is a suggested drink pair Bourbon Barrell Aged Zinfandel (Josh Cellars Reserve)


This Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel is their newest addition to barrel-aged wines. It is a California Zinfandel and, aged in charred bourbon barrels for two months to impart a bold, richer flavor.


Josh Cellars has a variety of flavors to choose from for you for your tasting experience. They retail between $17 and $26 and are available in most grocery and wine & spirits stores.


Unlike what we typically see with zinfandels, this one presents a dark red color. On the nose, you have rich dark fruits, licorice, tobacco, spices, and cedar. Aww, the palate is fruity, but not overly so, it finishes smoothly with hints of fruit, spice, cedar, and smoky notes. A slight bourbon burn comes at the end.

A great wine to have on hand for chill moments, reading, and hanging with friends. If you like cigars, this would pair with a mild chocolate-flavored cigar.


A few noted similarities in the storyline of both book and wine; each one is based on family and legacies, which are at the forefront of their mission.







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