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PUBLISHER: ‎ Siri Austin Entertainment LLC

PUBLICATION DATE: ‎ July 21, 2021

The investigation into the death of Prosecuting Attorney Alex Burnett leads to the discovery of other crimes which garners huge headlines for the Richmond Police Department.

For the brass, the number of closed cases is a triumph, however, it does not solve the murder of the friend and mentor of Nathan ‘Nate’ Reigns, a detective in the Major Crimes Division. A one-time top criminal defense attorney, Nate uses his insight from his previous occupation to close his cases. No case leaves his desk marked closed until he has filled every hole a defense attorney will use to free their client. Nate vows justice for his friend. That path leads to an organization with plans that will have far-reaching impacts on the justice departments across the country.

A suspense thriller with a twist that leaves you gasping to breathe…The innocent and the guilty have to deal with the Aftermath.



With this new series, the readers should prepare for something different. Iris Bolling has strategically crafted a world that will not only entice the readers' minds and if you dare to have an open mind, be enlightened!

After the heart-gripping death of his friend, Nate is called upon to deal with the AFTERMATH. From the very start, his gut has him questioning whether the people around him are Friend or Foe. When he closes a case, he leaves no stone unturned, and it is ironclad. That is evident with his 96% conviction rate. Nate Reigns is either respected or despised, depending on how you interpret the laws. His philosophy is simple "When the Law breaks the Law...the Consequences can be Deadly". This just may be his most difficult case yet!

THE AFTERMATH, a great intro to this new series. It is a gripping thriller that left me on the edge of my seat with its layered characters and suspenseful dialogue. The author takes us to task and challenges us to be engaged and aware of what's going on in our communities and local governments. I love how the author uses her craft to infuse political history, social commentary, and racial injustices.

Your mission, should you choose to accept the task, will be to partner with these characters and rally to take back the city, one organization at a time. Grab a reliable Book Buddy and a journal its time to see where all the pieces fit.


19 Crimes The Uprising

A liquid ode to our past, 19 Crimes is inspired by those who, beginning in 1788, was transported to Australia for a life of hard labor. Many did not survive the journey. For the sea-beaten people who made it ashore, a new world awaited.

The Uprising pays homage to Australia’s “Rum Rebellion” of 1808. Due to the Government hindering the rum trade, the rebellion was the only time a group of soldiers and citizens banded together to overthrow the Government.

A portion of this wine has thus been aged for 30 days in rum barrels and is dark with jammy flavors and a smoky finish.




I had this wine a few times, and it is one of my go-to selections. On the nose, there are luscious dark berry flavors, hints of vanilla, and smoke. On the tongue, there is more blackberry, jammy, some vanilla, and chocolate flavors. The Uprising presents a medium-full body, semi-sweet, and offers a nice smooth taste.

The Rum Barrel aging for this wine is the bonus and why it is a go-to selection, has that expensive taste without the price tag.

COST: $10-12 Can be found at most local wine and spirits.


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