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Are you ready to take a journey with two somewhat flawed characters, Quincy and Sakina, as they take a unique path to love? The authors will transcend you into the scenes of the story.


Stand-Alone: Yes (expecting another release)

Publisher: Mona Presents Publications /

Neva Die Media Group

Publication Date: February 24, 2021

Genre: Black and African American Romance/Urban Fiction

Quincy Norton was a successful Real Estate Agent in California living his best life when one betrayal caused a fatal mistake landing him in prison for life. Life as he knew it will never be the same.

Sakina Michelle is a successful Author, book - store owner, and mother residing in New Jersey.

Everything appeared right in her life except for the imperfections she hides well and the attraction to the wrong men.

Crossing paths with a convicted felon serving life could be the most wrong of all..but…can it be…The Right Kind Of Wrong?


My Thoughts...

The Right Kind Of Wrong is a story about characters who dare to hope, perseverance, forgiveness, and determination. This story will open your eyes and think differently before casting judgment.

Quincy Norton had a fall from grace. He didn't waste time making excuses for the aftermath, and he would not let his circumstance define who he was. Not having the best-dealt hand did not derail him from pursuing his heart's desire. Sakina Michelle is a successful author with a bright future ahead when she crosses paths with a fan that serenades her from behind prison walls. When things start to heat up, will Sakina remain with what is familiar and safe? Or will she take a leap of faith and try something new? The reader sees a unique romance orchestrated with two somewhat flawed characters.

Authors Khatari and Mona penned a great story. I enjoyed Quincy and Sakina's journey. He was determined to believe in God's plan and her taking a chance on the unknown and find love despite outside noise.

I would love to revisit this couple to see how their journey unfolds. I recommend this for your reading pleasure.


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