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The Sweetest Love brings the The Love Conquers All Series full circle and there was so much to like in this one!

Stand-Alone: No

Series: The Love Conquers All Series: Book 5

Publisher: Heart 2 Heart Publishing

Publication Date: December 15, 2020

Genre: African American Fiction

Heat Level: Sensual

While accountant Roxanna “Roxy” Harris’ career is on track, her personal life is headed for a collision. After growing up an only child, a chance meeting reveals she has siblings and a father eager to meet her. Childhood tormentor, Adam, will be there to help her navigate through the messy reunion.

Attorney Adam West is blown away by Roxy. Gone is the skinny, pigtail-wearing nuisance. Although her life is drama-filled, he’s finally found a woman he can envision spending forever with.

When Adam believes Roxy has done the unthinkable, will love be enough to unite them as one?

DISCLAIMER: This is an updated version previously written under a different pen name.

**Adult content**



The Sweetest Love brings the Love Conquers All series full circle. Wow, there so much to like about this book.

I enjoyed the journey the author laid out for Adam West and Roxanna Harris. It was anything but easy. When trauma hits the West family, Abby, left with an illness and the family's lives changed forever. Roxy and Abby forge an unbreakable bond and becomes sort of a light for the West family. With all the attention on Abby and her illness, Adam feels demoted in the family tree. Growing up, Adam found it difficult to separate his feelings; between being the proud, protective, and doting brother vs. being resentful of the attention missed with their parents.

Years later, Roxy and Adam get reacquainted during the annual memorial for Abby. The attraction is immediate, but the history and past experiences put their relationship in a timid state. Adam is a successful attorney and selective about who he dates and commits to, but Mrs. Brenda is determined to hurrying it alone with blind dates. Ms. Reba has instilled in Roxy the importance of being independent and careful not to be swept up in a man's charm. Add a silly girlfriend pack puts this budding romance at risk. The author keeps you engage as all this enfolds.

What I like most about The Sweetest Love is Roxy discovering she had sisters from her estranged father. The estranged father was a story all in itself. I loved how the closure, acceptance, and ease in which they all bonded, creating that unique family dynamic.

While each book can stand alone, I've included a list if you would like to get familiar with all the characters.



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