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Stand-Alone: No

Series: Book 3 (Final)

Publisher: Dafina

Publication date: February 23, 2021

Genre: Black Romance and women's fiction

Stunning social media meltdowns. Glamorous dueling power couples. Mega-viral scandals and dizzying Internet super-spin. No one is better than the Pure Talent Agency at handling it all—or facing down up-close-and-personal bad news . . .

Superstar actress Paige Mills is America’s Sweetheart. But with a shocking divorce, she's burning her powerful husband’s house of lies right down to the ground. Reeling from ugly revelations and unable to trust anyone, she takes refuge way off the celebrity grid in her family’s remote Michigan lake house. But the brilliant agent who helped shape her success won’t give up his client—or his long-simmering passion for her—without a fight.

Andrew Weathers can't let the gifted, caring woman he's always loved wreck her career. And at first, he just wants to help her hope again. But soon their professional chemistry turns into days and nights of no-holds-barred desire—and a resulting publicity firestorm. Now, between hard choices and potentially career-ending consequences, can Paige and Drew risk a seemingly impossible happy ending?


The Way You Love Me is the third and final installment of the Pure Talent series. The author takes outside the Pure Talent office, in the field with the aftermath of A-list actress Paige Mills and Andrew Weathers, Paige's agent at Pure Talent.

The world of Paige's husband, Julius, with his infidelity and misuse of power in the industry has finally caught up with him. Instead of owning his mess and taking responsibility for his actions, he puts Paige right into the crosshairs of his Hollywood scandal. Paige has had enough, and while divorce proceedings are underway, she decides to lay low in an undisclosed place.

Always the professional, Andrew has stayed in the background letting nature take its course. In doing that, Paige's impression was he didn't care. Andrew found himself in a difficult position, watching the woman he secretly loved be pulled through Julius' mess as well as having her career put in jeopardy. But, when she goes off the grid, he knows he has to act or lose everything.

What I like most about The Way You Love Me is how the author had Paige and Andrew bare themselves and pull back all the layers to have that true romance.

Great Read!




Kentucky has a longstanding tradition of aging Bourbon Barrels in a nine-story Rackhouse. This technique allows temperature and moisture levels of the barrels to vary relative to the height of each barrel’s storage. Cask & Barrel Rackhouse Red Blend takes advantage of this barrel tradition by aging a select portion of our robust red blend for 4 months in these Bourbon Barrels, adding a distinct American Oak char flavor to an already fruit-forward wine. Kentucky’s heritage and California’s winemaking result in a red wine blend not to be missed.

PURCHASE: Can be found in most of your local grocery stores and wine & spirits. The cost is around $12 -15.

FOOD PAIR: This will pair with all the foods as other red wines.

MY THOUGHTS: I am just starting this journey of bourbon barrel-aged wines, and they offer a different perspective to the world of wine tasting. It is an enjoyable red wine with its hints of bourbon. All due to the 3-4 month aging process in a bourbon barrel.

On the nose, there are notes of dark fruits, earth, oak, and spices. The first sip starts the party with a bit of bite, with its bold flavor and medium tannins. Following are the hints of spice, oak, fruits, and I pick up a bit of cocoa and bourbon as it slides down to a dry finish.

Just like the complexity of the storyline in The Way the You Love Me, Cask and Barrel Rackhouse blend has a bit of complexity as well. The storyline, characters, wine blends, and aging all go well with expanding the depths of the character/s of both book and wine. It makes the perfect pair to enjoy by a nice fire while letting them take you on an experience.

Whether you will enjoy these together or separate, it is no question that they would be a great choice.

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