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I Gave This One 4 Wine & Cigar Setups…

“CAPTIVATED BY HIS LOVE” is Janice and Carlo story and a spinoff of Antionio and Sabrina “Stuck in Love” series. I read this one as a standalone and was able to follow the storyline, however I am curious about a few things and will be going back to pick up the other titles for content.

Janice Campbell is on the rebound from her college sweetheart romance. It seems her ex-boyfriend Trevor can’t seem to stay faithful and wants to have his cake and eat it too. After graduation she decides to put her career first and romance on the back burner. Much to her surprise she finds herself right in the line of fire of one Carlo Russo, a mob underboss who is as deadly as he is sexy.

Carlo Russo becomes immediately emanored of Janice and begins to make plans for their future…speaking Janice into existence as his wife. Well as you know nothing worth having comes easy, so Carlo has his work cut out for him.

I enjoyed this mafia romance and found it witty at times and others suspenseful. One of the things I found different in Captivated by His Love is the openness when talking about being in the mafia while in the company of the wives and their families.

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