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Chicago Carnival Chronicle Reviews

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


After seeking the therapy he needed, Lieutenant Taylor is learning how to cope with his childhood trauma. It is allowing him to express his love for Octavia, and Chrystal. It is also allowing him to be loved by both of them, in their own way. They say that love conquers all, but does it really? Even though he is on the mend, there are still a few phobias he has not overcome. One being loud noises! Octavia and Chrystal knows this! So, why would they ask him to join them at Carnivale? Will he muster up the courage to put aside his phobia and join them? Will their love for him be all the courage he needs? Or is it just too much to ask?


REVIEW: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

We first meet these characters in Outlandish Bid; The author gave us a hero that was intelligent and thoughtful, but severely flawed and a heroine that stands by his side despite it.

In this sequel, Loving Taylor, I was captivated by this couple’s journey and how in sync they were. LT was inspired to seek therapy, while unconventionally, it suits his needs and starts his healing process.

There was no mistake that Octavia and LT loved one another and how it extended to those in their close inner circle. The host of secondary characters gave us memorable moments of love, support, healing, and unique family units.

Great read!


When journalist Asia Montgomery took her wedding vows, she meant them. Yet, somewhere along the way, things changed. With her marriage crumbling all around her and her trust shattered, she fears it may be too late to save it. She takes refuge at a tropical resort to figure out her next steps, but doesn’t count on Jamal following her there…or his persistence.

Jamal Montgomery knew his wife, Asia, was the only woman he’d ever want. He has no intention of giving up on them, but gets the surprise of his life when he comes home early from a business trip and finds her gone. The tenacious attorney is determined to win her back and goes after her. Now everything they’ve built is hanging in the balance. Jamal and Asia will have to fight to rediscover the love they once shared and the passionate dreams yet to be fulfilled.


REVIEW: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

It is not often we get a book highlighting struggles within a married couple, but Never Letting Go does just that, taking us on a heartfelt journey. Jamal and Asa Montgomery made a cameo appearance in Her Passionate Promise and it was evident that it was trouble in their paradise.

Stress and tension can easily manifest within a marriage when both try to navigate their careers and marriage.  Misunderstandings and lack of communication make it easy for outside elements to derail the bond.

This story was well-written with characters crafted to tell a realistic account of difficulties of making time for each other. It offered good advice on communicating and balance of personal and professional aspects of the relationship.   I think this could be a great addition to a couple’s retreat.

I am thrilled the author chose these characters for this title. Fantastic read!


Feisty tomboy, Sasha Allen, is blunt, bold, and knowledgeable about everything outdoors. Given her job with Kathan’s Sporting Goods – and her new comfort equipment line, CS Lave and Luxury – Sasha is building a reputable career around everything she loves. However, when walking complication, Trent Hansworth, becomes entangled in more than her business, she must determine whether work and play are as mutually exclusive as she always thought.

For sexy ladies man, Trent Hansworth, actions always speak louder than words. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the honest and lively, Sasha Allen, caught his eye from the moment he began working at the children’s camp. Like we learned in kindergarten, boys tease the girls they like the most. His reaction to her presence might read as childish and casual at times, however, his thoughts are anything but.

As long as Sasha can handle a joke or two, they have nothing to worry about. Yet, when things go from fun and games to intensely passionate filled with stolen kisses, suddenly, things aren’t so funny anymore.


REVIEW: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

We first meet Sasha and Trent in Renegade Bid; it is then we notice her competitiveness and business-like attitude and Trent’s prankster tendencies and laid-back demeanor.

Their emotional backstories made them a perfect fit.  Coming to the Carnival was just the thing to experience each other in a different light.  I loved watching these two come into their own and maturing along the way.  Catching up with the characters from the camp was a bonus.

I enjoyed this funny and sexy read.  I recommend it for your reading pleasure.


Professor Starr Night is a woman with a cause. Her goal is to make sure there’s a crowd at the Afro-Caribbean Carnivale she’s helped bring to Chicago. Meeting an ambitious community activist may be just what she needs to spread the word. Except, their first meeting doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Christopher Combs has always strived to educate his community. For him, that also means getting as many people on board as he can to help him fight the greatest black exodus Chicago has ever experienced. To reach his goal, he feels he needs a bigger platform. Insert beautiful Starr – the woman in his spotlight.

With Starr and Christopher determined to make a difference in their own way, how will they handle one another when their love for their city and people manifest itself in different ways?


REVIEW: 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

I love the metaphoric meaning in this title Concrete Island, it relates to the theme of the event/series.  In this story, we meet Starr and Christopher, two very strong-willed activists, each passionate about their causes.

While vacationing, Starr stumbles on her true heritage and becomes inspired to spotlight its cultures in a hometown event.  Christopher advocates for those displaced due to social-economic structures within the neighboring communities. You get caught up in the banter between them and before you know its love in the air.

The takeaways are the importance of staying true to one’s heritage and well as aware of social-economic issues and how they relate.

The author did a great job bringing this one together.  I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

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