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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What is more important, love or career? That is a dilemma that has plagued Rowan Browne for most of his life. Gwen Goodwin was the love of his life until a combination of ambition and fear drove them apart.In the middle of filming his first independent film, Rowan receives a phone call that shatters his world. He is forced to put his production on hold to travel from New York City down to Jamaica for his mother’s funeral.

Unbeknownst to him, Gwen is on the island on vacation. The ex-lovers cross paths and try to rekindle the romance that had once burned white hot. While they try to figure out if they truly do belong together, they get caught in a fight for survival against Mother Nature when a category five hurricane slams into the island. Will this ordeal bring them closer and will they both survive the devastation?



This author in my opinion never disappoints in releasing something fresh and with this one, do I dare say unexpected!

The title is befitting in the many emotions the author evokes from the beginning to the very last page. I enjoyed the journey with Rowan and Gwen.

Another great read! I encourage you to take this adventure!


Single dad, Maceo Alexander-Baptiste, has been waiting for the chance to take a much-needed vacation and Chicago sounds like the perfect place. He’s spent years growing his graphic design business and creating promo for this event is easy work. Working alongside long-time friend, Trista, is icing on the already sweet cake.

Years ago, Trista threw Maceo into the friend zone faster than he could blink. So, Maceo may be in the windy city to work, but he’s also determined to make her see that they may be great friends, but they’re way better lovers.



I am happy to find out this story would feature Trista and Maceo. I love how the author incorporated Trista and Maceo’s story in this anthology.

So, the history is that Trista friend-zoned Maceo before they both could explore what was obvious to everyone except them. After their expert talents are requested by the committee of Chicago Carnival, Maceo decides he would not miss the opportunity to make clear his intentions of coming out of the friend zone and be front and center in her heart.

I recommend this one for your reading pleasure!


Celebrity DJ Vaughn Carr made beating the odds a full-time job. From an early age, he learned to open closed doors and step in like he owned the room. Yet, there’s one door that should remain closed, one person that should be off-limits—his best friend’s sister, Emerie. Circumstances force them in close proximity and, soon, he can’t get her out of his head… or bed. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes that he needs her in his life.

The only problem? Convincing her that this off-limits, forbidden relationship can be more than hidden affection and secret liaisons. This can be forever.



I fell in love with this one, once I started I was unable to do much else until I finished. The author captivates us with the real feel of this love story.

How do you resist the temptation of love so irresistible that it makes you want to forget all codes?

Emerie and Vaughn’s story had a non-fictional feel and brings you into their story experiencing every emotion; the struggles of not being able to explore that one real love because it could destroy life long friendships and family. And then breaking all the barriers to have the love that will make them complete. The heart will have what the heart wants.

Another great read that will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.

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