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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Now, so far our masterminds behind the queens have been another queen, but the QUEEN OF CAMBRIDGE has king creator!

Can she find a way to deal with the consequences of her decisions and save her company from potential destruction?


Book Six: Queen of Cambridge

Author: Shakir Rashaan

Cover designer: J.L. Woodson @ Woodson Creative Studio

Publisher: Macro Publishing Group

Blurb: Billionaire chocolatier Caressa Sidaná is one of the most recognizable names in the confectionery industry, but she is looking to expand into other ventures. She is shrewd and no-nonsense, but in her pursuit of business dominance, she has made some mistakes along the way, including the oft-clichéd misstep of mixing business with pleasure. Her expansion efforts lead to a chance meeting with Ishmael Abdur-Hafiz, an international weapons dealer with the type of connections that could prove beneficial for all parties involved. Their intense attraction and mutual business pursuits draw the attention of a former lover-turned-enemy, intent on ruining everything she has built and permanently removing Ishmael from her life.


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