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Strolling into the action with a Distinguished Gentlemen, is author Nicole Falls! She’s funny. She’s crazy. She’s talented. But most importantly, Nicole is loved because her realness is infectious and her jokes have us laughing for HOURS!  

Welcome to the lineup, Maurice Kirkwood……

Lifelong friends Maurice Kirkwood and Alecia Woods briefly shared an ill-fated attempt at crossing the line into something more a few years ago. The decision to split was a mutual one, but left residual feelings of longing on both sides of the chasm between them. Miscommunication led to the breakdown, but Maurice is determined to mend the rift and reunite the two of them permanently. Alecia, however, is not so much on the same plan as Maurice. After being drafted to participate in a bachelor auction to help raise funds for the revitalization of his old neighborhood, Maurice sees the pieces of trying to reconnect with Alecia falling into place. Enlisting the help of their other best friend— and Maurice’s twin—Monica, a plan is hatched to bring Alecia and Maurice back together again; for good this time.

Author’s Note: These characters first appear in the short story, Pucker Up, which can be found in Sparks Fly by me! The story provides some context, but does not necessarily need to be read to enjoy this novella.



Nicole Falls is a contemporary Black romance writer who has taken entirely too long to complete her first project. She’s also a ceramic mug and lapel pin enthusiast who cannot function without her AirPods constantly blaring music. When Nicole isn’t writing, she spends her time trolling her friends and family while drinking coffee and/or cocktails, checking off yet another of these great United States visited in her quest to see some land! She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago.

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