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Let’s get ready to embrace our newest BE author and no you aren’t seeing double! Kelsey Green is the sister of Sherelle Green and she’s also the master of videography for Book Euphoria (if you’re thinking about those awesome trailers, yep, that’s her stuff). She’s new to the book world and we are sooooo ready to bring her into our world (little sis better get prepared for the crazy, haha).

Will the winning bidder be ready for this Distinguished Gentleman, Ace Kathan?

Cadence Alexander was made for lave and luxury. Literally she came from #blackexcellence. Her upper-class parents worked hard to ensure she never had to, but when she bids on the handsome and chiseled, Ace Kathan, at a neighborhood auction, she’s in for a rude awakening.

World traveler Ace Kathan is always down for a thrill. So, when his G-Ma, Mama Peaches, asks him to explain his date he’s happy to explain an extravagant one. But what he has planned will be anything but elegant. Nothing like testing a girl’s resilience and adaptability by roughing it on his rugged million-dollar estate.


About Kelsey Green

Kelsey Green is a fashion and travel enthusiast with a career in construction management. However, when she’s not wearing her engineer hat, she can be found expressing herself through visual artistry. From event previews and book trailers, to photography and studio staging, Kelsey sees beneath the surface to capture raw beauty and translate her vision through photo and video.

Kelsey has been journaling since she was a young girl, so she found it only natural to begin penning stories that reflect the emotion only previously portrayed in her videos. Whether her outlet be writing or editing a video, Kelsey finds it therapeutic to show her ideas and thoughts in an expressive and imaginative manner.

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