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Allow us to proudly share that paranormal romance author Eva J. Brock will be part of the Distinguished Gentlemen anthology! Yes, you heard us right!! EJ Brock! EJ Brock! EJ Brock! Since the start of BE, EJ has been extremely supportive 😘 and we are so honored she’s agreed to do the series!

See folks! We are giving you all types of romance!

We are excited to have Lieutenant Taylor join the lineup…….

LIEUTENANT TAYLOR has spent his life haunted by the tragic loss of his mother. His babysitter, Mama Peaches, stepped in and filled the void. As loving and maternal as Peaches was, he never got over not being able to fix his mother. Subconsciously driven by the fact that he couldn’t save her, he has spent the last twenty years buying and fixing old houses. With more money than he can spend, he moves from Southlake Park to New York City, in search of a topnotch Investment Banker.

OCTAVIA WASHINGTON is a much sought-after Investment Banker. She has cultivated a semi-symbiotic workaholic relationship with Lieutenant. So much so that they are both unsuccessful in their personal love lives. Lieutenant’s nerves are rattled when he gets a call from Peaches about participating in a bachelor auction. He does not want to be sold like fresh meat, but he feels obligated. So, he comes up with a scheme in the name of Ms. Octavia Washington.

Will they be able to pull the wool over Mama Peaches’ eyes? Or will the wool finally be pulled off of their own…


About EJ Brock

A student and teacher of the Bible, EJ Brock is a phenomenal writer that specializes in spiritual insight. She is best known for her two award-winning spiritual warfare sagas: “A Spirit Mate Love Story” and “A Sanctioned Mate Series.” “Where fact and fiction collide” is how her readers describe her work.

EJ writes outside the box so paranormal is the genre that can most accurately describes her brilliance, but her imagination isn’t bound by any standard. From EJ you can expect to experience strong alpha males, relatable females, spiritual dilemmas, angels, demons, romance, interracial relationships, mystery and drama all in one sweeping plot. Her unique writing style earned her four highly coveted awards: 2017 Romance Slam Jam Author of the year, Book of the Year, Hero of the Year, and Heroine of the Year.

Readers can relate to her flawed characters as they navigate their way through life’s spiritual journey. In both of her series, the angels are not living in the glass darkly, but amongst God’s “so loved” humanity. While her series may be considered extremely edgy, they are written with the symbolic gospel theme, “There has never been redemption without the shedding of blood.”

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