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Falling In Love With A Lie

9I gave this one 🍷🍷🍷🍷

This author is off to a good start with her debut novel. The story and characters were well written and full of twists, suspense, betrayal and secrets that kept me turning the papers until the end.

Laya went to great lengths to have the perfect life only to find that life isn’t perfect. She didn’t hesitate to use lies, betrayal, manipulation and even sex to get what she wanted. Her selfishness was responsible for the down falls in her life as well as those around her.

Before Brian realize that Laya was incapable to love and that he had become a stair in her climb up the latter it was already too late. When everything that he worked so hard to achieve was being threaten he begin to act irrational and his decisions that cost him dearly.

Jonathan comes into the company full of fresh ideas and eager to work. Unfortunately, he was unable to resist the charm of Laya and fell in love. The work of Layla’s prodigy became the beginning of her demise. By the time Jonathan figured out he had stepped on a land mine, he was in too deep and was caught up in Laya’s web of deception and lies.

Reagan, I found lost the most in this story. You don’t choose the family you’re born into, but you make the best of what you have. The one person that was consistently an advocate for her was the very person that sent her life spiraling out of control almost to a point of no return.

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