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Fantasy Weekend Reviews

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


Bella Wahlberg is on top of the world. Surrounded by family in Scotland, she is finally marrying the man she loves-performer extraordinaire and music mogul, Miles “Ari” Moore. Unfortunately. with his ex, chaotic fans, and a series of tours thrown in, she soon wonders if she’s ready for everything that being the wife of a superstar entails.

From their wedding to a honeymoon in Paris, to the beautiful streets of Italy, Bella learns that life with Miles and his stage persona are two different things. Happiness is sometimes overshadowed by doubt and outside forces that wish to tear them apart but, when she becomes pregnant months later, Bella couldn’t be more overjoyed. Then life takes an interesting turn. Following a career triumph and a night of celebration, a house fire destroys Bella’s childhood home, and with it a closely held secret unfolds.

What happens when Miles discovers that not trusting Bella with his past has put their future in jeopardy?


REVIEW: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Moore family respectfully invites you to the wedding of Bella and Miles (Ari).

It’s not uncommon for the bride and groom to reflect on their special day. They both fear the outside world might be an issue, but for different reasons.

As the story unfolds with more secrets and truths revealed, the couple’s bond is tested! Will love be enough for them to stand against everything the future holds? I would love to see more of this family.

The Moore Affair is an outstanding addition to this series and I recommend it for your reading pleasure.


Shahzad Haidar has been called many things… evil, horrid, ghastly, incredible, alarming. The latest label was the usage of the word, ‘Devil.’ However, Shahzad is none of those things – he is a Jinn. But not just any Jinn…

Shahzad is a slick urban genie who runs an empire. His company creates magic and grants wishes under the illusion of being merely for entertainment. However, for the right price, he can make true dreams and even ungodly nightmares come true. Having little interest in human lives other than for financial gain and amusement, he is shocked when an incident occurs that challenges his lackadaisical attitude towards hominids…

Vivian Carver believes her name is synonymous with bad luck. She’s a bartender living smack dab in the middle of NYC and has had it up to here with entitled tourists, an annoying roommate and just barely surviving. She’s forced to move into a cheaper apartment, and with it comes a seedy landlord, drippy faucets and a peculiar stranger in apartment 13.

Shahzad has pulled all the stops to get to know Ms. Vivian Carver, someone who in no shape, form or fashion understands her full potential… She is one of the most beautiful humans he’s ever seen, and he is determined to make her his mate for life. Shahzad however, doesn’t offer just three wishes — he is determined to give her so much more…

Can a black hearted jinn with the world in his palm truly fall in love?


REVIEW: 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

This author amazes me with the depth of her imagination. I made the mistake of judging this one by its cover and I could not have been more wrong. You never know who or what walks among you.

Vivian begins to wonder if bad luck is the only kind of luck. Just when things go from bad to worst and she is sure a dark cloud is hanging over her head. Unbeknownst to her, her deepest thoughts and fears resonant within the mystical Shahzad. He has always navigated through life having little to no interest in humans and he makes it clear that it is his decision when they are deemed worthy of his time and resources. So, he is perplexed when his plans are altered drawing him to a watering hole where he comes face to face with Vivian.

Some unexplained things start to surface and Shahzad sees a chance at love, something he had no idea he needed but has landed on the top of his list.

I truly enjoyed this one and I highly recommend taking an adventure with The Devil in Apartment 13.

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