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His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan


This bachelor auction shows you that members of the The Cattleman’s Club are more than meets the eye; Rancher to Glamour Girl….Saddled Horse to Maybach.

HIS TIL MIDNIGHT is Reese Ryan contribution to the Cattleman’s Club Series and is a great friend to lovers’ story.

Ryan and Tessa have been friends since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. Being around each other as much as they were it is expected they would have a certain amount of chemistry. Everyone except these two can see that they are love, not wanting to sacrifice their friendships and a broken promise to a friend for a potentially failed love affair, has them skating around their attraction for years.

When Tripp has to drop out of the auction, Tessa enters herself as a replacement and changes the entire dynamic of this bachelor auction. I couldn’t help but smile as I visualized Tessa stepping out on the stage with her makeover and everyone losing it, especially Ryan.

They are forced to deal with their attraction when asked to divert some negative press away from the Cattleman’s Club and the auction, the FRIENDLY BID turns real. I believe you will love watching them experience each for the first time.

I recommend this one to anyone that enjoy friends to lover story.

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