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Kelsey Green Spotlight and Cover Reveal

Updated: Oct 1, 2020


Kicking Off the celebration of #blackhistorymonth Kelsey Green​​ has given us a sneak preview of her latest project, it appears there is no stopping this one in the literary community. First she gave us Romance, then she hit us with a thought provoking mystery and now with this  BOLD and FABULOUS cover, she dares to enlighten and inspire us to grab hold of our inner self!

Here’s what she has to say about the her latest project….

The past few months in my life have been truly transforming, causing me to rediscover one of my first loves… poetry.

Therefore, on Valentine’s Day, please join me on a journey of poetry and self-reflection through my immersive book, I Am King. Get your copy today and discover how this poetry book & self-help journal can assist you in uncovering your own truths and embracing your inner power and strength.


Each original poem by author and poet Kelsey Green, has a song inspiration attached to it, in order to help you immerse yourself in the poetic musings, before self-reflecting on what each entry reveals to you. Dive deeper into the dictated royal world to discover your own identity. Build your Kingdom. Define your Title. And answer the question, are you living your truth in the best way to honor all that you are?

Features and uses include: •Original poetry with explanations, songs and follow-ups to inspire the soul. •One of a kind hashtabale lines that will help guide you – one page at a time. •Self-care to-do lists and checklists that will allow you to plan, organize and track all of the important aspects of honoring yourself. •Journal entry pages to unleash your every thought. •And much more!

Author Suggestion:

Please note that all journal and self-help sections are interactive, therefore, I suggest the paperback copy in order to truly immerse yourself in this poetic experience.

Available for Pre-order now

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