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Mama Peaches & Geraldine at City Council Meeting

If you have been hanging with me at the Book Bar, you’ve had a first hand look at our eligible bachelors (termed loosely). I am excited to introduce you to the ladies who inspired the series… Mama Peaches and her partner in crime, Geraldine!  So that you can get to know these feisty ladies, allow me to share some of their shenanigans!

Mama Peaches & Geraldine at City Council Meeting

“Girl, some of these men in here look like they just walked off the set of the Black Panther. Good lawd he fine,” Ms. Geraldine said, peering at a man not too far from where she and Mama Peaches were seated.

Mama Peaches turned fully in her seat to see who Geraldine was ogling. “Geraldine, that’s why nothing with you has lasted. You pick the wrong ones.” She turned back around and swatted her best friend’s hands. “That man is probably barely fifty.”


“And you couldn’t keep up with his tail even if you wanted to.” “I beg your pardon?” Geraldine’s head reared back. “For one, you do know these teeth are removable don’t you?” Geraldine winked and made a slurping sound.

Mama Peaches buckled over with laughter. Wheezing, she sat up straight and wiped her eyes of the tears she shed from laughing so hard. “You are a fool I tell ya. A fool.” “Call me what you will, but I’ll be a satisfied fool. Fifty is just fine by me. He still has spring in his chicken if you know what I mean.” She nudged Mama Peaches for confirmation.

“You better not say anything to that man that could jeopardize us getting the money we need to revitalize this neighborhood.”

“See, you’re looking at it all wrong. By the time I get done putting it on him,” she swiveled her hips in a circle in her seat, “we’ll have enough money to rehab Southlake Park and every other run-down neighborhood in the city.”

With pursed lips, Mama Peaches leaned back to stare at her friend. “Geraldine, you can’t ever keep your wig on straight, let alone put “it” on him as you say.”

“Peaches!” The high pitch in Geraldine’s voice drew attention to them from those close by. “You mean to tell me I’ve been sitting here all this time with my wig on backwards and you didn’t bother to tell me?” She cut her eyes at Peaches.

“I was about to before you started talking about what you’d do to Fifty.”

“You know what–,” Geraldine’s mouth tightened and her eyes narrowed as she stared at Mama Peaches. “I ain’t studying you.” She rolled her eyes, snatched her purse from the seat next to her and hung her head as she rushed to the bathroom.

Mama Peaches’ hand flew up to her mouth as she snickered and watched Geraldine walk and hold her wig down as if it were a hat and a strong wind was trying to take it away.

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