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My Chicago Urban Book Fair “MVP”

Attending book events is all about the meet & greet of readers/authors and supporting the craft of literacy!  I am proud to present to you our “MVP” Nique Luarks!

She got my attention with her energy, the ability present herself in a positive light that challenged  “literally ” this reader to want to add her to my library.  Her statement  “If I left with one I would certainly be back for the rest.”

Who is reading with me?

You can’t help who you fall in love with. Sometimes it just happens. Blaze should know. Her life takes a turn for the best when she bumps into infamous Mehkai aka ‘Kai Money’. Street savvy, persistent and down right gorgeous; he’s the best thing she never knew she needed. They soon form an unbreakable bond and a genuine friendship that only they can understand. Love, however, is truly unpredictable, and though Kai has his eye on the prize, they do roam from time to time.

Kenya is Blaze’s wild, fiery, outspoken, and carefree bestie. Being in love with a man that she knows isn’t in love with her is a hard pill to swallow. When she finally breaks free, it seems as though her world is falling apart. But leave it up to the flashy, ruthless Cole Campbell to pick up the pieces. Love is definitely in the air, but with Kenya’s hot temper and Cole’s zero tolerance attitude, they bump heads almost immediately.

Sometimes it’s not about what the mind wants, but more so what the heart needs. In a battle with their inner beings and their biggest fears, follow these couples in a heartwarming tale of love and war.

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