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What are you pairing your glass with today?

I am hanging out with the McClain clan and let me tell you these glasses of red is much needed! Alexandria House these characters come alive right before us!


If you haven’t tried a Alexandria House story you really need to treat yourself to them..

To grab this newest release click below.

Nolan McClain is ..the smart one, the driven one, the one who goes for what he wants, meticulously plans his steps, and thinks he has his life all mapped out…until he lays eyes on Bridgette Turner.

Bridgette Turner is just as driven and focused as Nolan, but when her past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself knocked off balance and all her hard work in jeopardy.

What Nolan feels for her is real, but Bridgette is skeptical. Will she let him show her his heart?

~~~~~Drink Responsibly ~~~~~

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