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On the Corner of Hope and Main Review

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Book Bar Review

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Whether you have been keeping up with “The Blessing Series” or this is your first title in the series, you will still be caught up in the town of Henry Adams and it’s community.

The author wrote the town in such a way you find yourself longing to be one of its citizens. You experience that small towns sometimes have big town issues and the unique way in which they deal with them. We are bought back to the town when Mayor Trent July is ready to hang up his hat and we are in the midst of an election. We know that an election can bring out all types of elements. If you know anything of the July’s, you know drama makes up part of their DNA, that coupled with the town’s hesitation to change we find ourselves in another great small town adventure.

If you love small town adventures this one will not disappoint. In full reader’s disclosure, if you haven’t read the rest of the series, you will still find enjoyment in this one, but it will have you longing to go back to where it all started. Loved It!!!

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