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Once Upon A Baby Reviews

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

You’re invited to a unique type of baby shower…..

I like how this series is a bit different from the Once Upon a Bridesmaid.  While at a wedding the friends that it would be fun to enter into a pact to marry within the year.  Now, they are back again, this time the pact presents different challenges for each of them.  The series has all the shenanigans, fun, and laughs as the previous series, but prepare yourself for a cry and possibility of heartbreak.

Once Upon a Baby

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Embracing Ever After By Sheryl Lister Series: Once Upon a Baby, Book 1 Genres: Contemporary Short Stories

There aren’t many things that scare tough-girl Raven Montomery. However, the next Best Friends Challenge has her running in the opposite direction. What was she thinking? Her girls knew she’d never say no to a pact. But, when insecurities she thought she’d buried come racing to the forefront of her mind, she isn’t sure of anything anymore. Bryson is the most supportive husband a woman could ask for, yet despite his best efforts to dissuade her from worrying about the challenge, it isn’t working. Looks like she’s in too deep now, whether she likes it or not.

 Thoughts from the Book Bar 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

Raven and Bryson have always had each other’s backs, its what made them great in the marriage challenge. This time the stakes are a little higher and will take some soul searching to get through this one.

Their situation is the perfect example of the power in words. The thought of motherhood had Raven’s ex negative words and images spring forward. This and lack of communication with Bryson made it difficult for her to embrace her blessings.

It’s going to take positive reinforcement and love for this cleansing. It is up to Bryson to break the cycle of negativity.



Hopelessly Ever After By Angela Seals Series: Once Upon a Baby, Book 2 Genres: Contemporary Short Stories

Quinn wants a baby. Scratch that. Quinn is obsessed with getting pregnant. To her, wanting a child with her husband Paxton is the natural next step after marriage. However, Paxton isn’t ready for kids. He has his reasons and Quinn respects that. But what about her wishes? She didn’t come up with the next Best Friends Challenge to be sitting on the sidelines. Pax knew what he signed up for when he married Quinn. Therefore, she just needs to show him that life would be so much sweeter with a cute mini running around. With Pax not budging, it will take all the Cosmo quizzes in the world for Quinn to change his mind.

Thoughts from the Book Bar 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

I was most excited about this couple. Paxton and Quinn had unique personalities that made them seem worlds apart.

Again, their uniqueness comes into play with this next challenge; Quinn is ready to excel in Baby Boot Camp, while Paxton wants to be anywhere but there. He is finding it difficult to find joy in the fruits of this challenge.

Trouble in paradise ignites when Quinn decides to move forward with or without Paxton, while he struggles with sharing his pass and fears. Love always concurs.

This title spotlights how communication is key to overcoming uncertainties within relationships.

Another must-read!



Beyond Ever After By Elle Wright Series: Once Upon a Baby, Book 3 Genres: Contemporary Short Stories

Ryleigh Sullivan has no plans on following through with the next Best Friends Challenge, especially when that challenge includes babies, bottles and back rubs. Well, she’d take the back rubs, but she may be down a husband if Martin doesn’t get it through his sexy head that she’s not ready to be a mother. The more he talks about it, the more she realizes they may never see eye to eye on parenthood. It’s never fun when sex becomes a game of what if. Especially when their marriage has been the best kind of love so far.

Thoughts from the Book Bar 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

This couple has a special bond, and it has been unbreakable until now. The Baby Boot Camp pales in comparison to the difference of opinion these two embarks on.

Martin is ready to put in the work with Mom and baby when the time comes. Ryleigh has some unresolved issues that caused this couple’s separation. A visit to Rosewood Heights, Mama Lil’s pancakes, and some wisdom give Ryleigh the confidence she needs to close the gap between her and Martin.

This one pulls at your heartstrings and teaches the importance of communication and not letting things fester. I love how Martin knew the right moves to make in supporting his wife.

Great Read!!



Yours Ever After By Sherelle Green Series: Once Upon a Baby, Book 4 Genres: Contemporary Short Stories

Once again, Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Carter finds herself agreeing to an insane pact with her besties. Only this time, the Best Friends Challenge is sure to end with her barefoot, pregnant, and cursing out anyone within a three foot radius. Doesn’t the universe realize she’s a handful already? Her husband Alexander may be ecstatic to diaper dive into the world of fatherhood, but Mac? She isn’t so sure. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like great sex, even better conversations, and a husband and wife who are tested in ways they never thought possible.

Thoughts from the Book Bar 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

Yours Ever After concludes the Once Upon a Baby series, and it touches our hearts deeply.

While Alex is ready to dive right into fatherhood and all that comes with it, Mac not only has doubts about the challenge but becoming a mother. Will Mac trust that Alex can handle her fears and secrets and will Alex be able to withstand the pressure of how their world is about to change.

The author crafted a heartfelt story, touching upon some emotional issues when dealing with complications that couples can endure when deciding to become pregnant.

Excellent read!

*For the best reading experience, it is recommended that the series be read in order.*

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