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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

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In Name Only (The Love Connection Book 1) by [Sean D. Young]

In Name Only By Sean D. Young Series: The Love Connection, Book 1 Publication: July 30, 2020,  Amazon Genres: African American Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Cassaundra Moore, event planner extraordinaire, never believed in fairy tales only in creating them for her clients. Why would she believe something so magical would happen to her after being scammed by her ex causing her loss of business and social standing.

But when Adam Simmons, candidate for governor of Virginia comes along making a proposition that would not only help propel him in the race but also relieve her of her financial worries, she has to redefine what fairytales are made of.

In Name Only explores one man and one woman’s decision made out of convenience that forces them to consider there was something else at play. They both yearned for love.




In name only is a great example of love happening when you least expect it.  Cassaundra is in the process of rebuilding her business that she lost due to the illegal activities of her ex-husband.  Adam is a candidate for the governor of Virginia and needs a PR makeover.

We know in politics, business arrangements are made all the time and are often made out of convenience. When it is suggested that Adam and Cassie enter into an arrangement of convenience, it quickly turns into a taboo; mixing business with pleasure.

Pass experiences with the matters of the heart have both Cassaundra and Adam focused only on their careers.  They are about to find out the possibilities when you open your heart.  In name only is a great example of love happening when you least expect it.

What I enjoyed most about this couple is from the very beginning, they learned how to be there for each other.  I was also excited about the secondary characters and at times how seamless the lines were between the friends and family. They showed so much loyalty and commitment to both parties.  The author did a great job with character developments and relationship developments, it has you wondering what or who is next.

I recommend you give this one a chance for your reading pleasure.


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