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Hello All,

Well, the sighting and internal conversations continue with Uncle Moon. So, allow me to introduce Uncle Moon, whom you will meet soon officially.

Uncle Moon is an integral part of S.I.B.LINGS. He is Star Bond's brother who preceded her in death, and Wade Tyson's uncle.

Uncle Moon...Can I call you Uncle Moon?

Yeah, that's cool.

What's with the pop-ups? The first time I almost ran you over with my car. You know you have wings, why did you touch down on the ground and on a busy street?

Got your attention didn't you? You seem to enjoy my pop-ups as you say, with Wade. I thought you might like your very own session. Plus, I think you're cool people and could appreciate the little tidbits I might share.

Oh, I have gotten used to the pop-ups and I feel a bit included.

How is Star doing? Now that your identity has been revealed, I wondered why now and not when Star was incarcerated.

She is adjusting to the afterlife and it is probably safe to say, her work is not done. First, let me assure you Star was never alone. When Star and her husband were locked up, I wanted to let those psychopaths feel my wrath, but the ancestors have a certain way of doing things, and time and strategy were everything.

Question for you; How are you enjoying the story and what are some takeaways?

I did enjoy the story and getting to hang out with you was a huge bonus. A few takeaways that come to mind would be; that things/people are always as they seem. If things appear to be off we should question it...what if...which is basically the premise of the story.

How do you think Iris Bolling did in telling this story?

I have to say I wasn't initially sold on the idea of someone who hadn't told a lot of stories like this before, but I have to say she is doing a damn good job. I like her style of storytelling, her creative mind, skillset, and vision have the ability to make a mark and pull people into a story of this caliber.

Was it always the intent to have Star start the process with you and the elders finish it out?

Yeah, actually she was the key to this entire thing. In life and in death Wade's safety was our main concern. When those journals were in his hands we knew it might be too much for him to process, so this is where we come in...the elders and I run point on getting him familiar with processing the journals, the proper way to use those powers, and understanding each of their purpose. Wade has the baton to carry the legacy. His job won't be easy, but I think he is surrounded by some well-connected people.

So, the word is you like wine and you have a thing for pairing wines with books, I believe you call it the Books & Booze Pair. What's your pair for this one?

Well, Uncle Moon, I do have a wine pair for this one. I pulled from my Apothic cellar with Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon.

My palate was treated with flavors of dark fruits like what you would taste in jams, with hints of vanilla, but what kept me sipping was the silky smooth finish.

The label caught my eye because of its alluring intricacy and suspenseful look. It screams come to take this adventure with it. Much like this story does.

Wow, we've had a great chat, so some may look at me a little differently because one they haven't met you, and two by normal standards you are a fictional character...a bird at that. Whew! I can't wait for everyone to meet you.

Well, you know I don't hold any punches and I keep it real, all that doesn't groove in your frequency, they're offbeat and shouldn't be at the dance anyway. Nobody can ever be you, that is your superpower and yours alone.

I am glad you have embraced the uniqueness of this and didn't freak out. I enjoyed hanging out. I am looking forward to the story being told and watching the reaction of this Iris Bolling clan.

Uncle Moon, I appreciate the wisdom and I don't care what they say, I am keeping you and the whole lot. I am sure there will be a few more sightings and chats.

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