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If you are new to this family, now is a good time to get caught up and if you are familiar with the Jenkins' now is a good time for a reread, which, really is what a family reunion is all about. Getting reacquainted.

I have provided all the book covers and links to get you started. Happy Reading!


The Jenkins women are married and back with more love, more laughs, and of course more drama.

Will these couples buckle under the challenges of marriage while planning the much-anticipated Jenkins family reunion? Or is the love they share strong enough to keep their marriages together?

They’ve been tasked with planning the ultimate family reunion, but their lives are a little chaotic at the moment.

Toni & Craig: Craig is crazy in love with Toni. But can their marriage withstand her obsession to have more kids?

Jada & Zack: Fashion designer, Jada, is enjoying her new career, but nothing compares to the love she has for Zack. All is well in their marriage until another woman comes on the scene. This person will soon learn that Jada doesn’t share, especially when it comes to her husband.

Christina & Luke: They’re having a baby! Christina the world-famous artist and Luke, one of the top defense attorneys in the country, are living their best lives. But all isn’t as it seems, and Luke’s overprotectiveness isn’t helping. Is he just nervous about becoming a father, or is there another reason he doesn’t want to let Christina out of sight?

Martina & Paul: Martina’s big mouth has gotten her into plenty of jams. Yet, Paul’s love for her has never wavered…until now. She’s gone too far. He’s had enough. Will he leave her for good? Or can she fix her marriage and hold on to the only man she’s ever loved?

Peyton & Michael: Married to the world’s greatest husband, Peyton never knew she could be so happy. But when one of Michael’s private investigative cases takes a turn for the worse, his number one priority is protecting his family. Even if it means pushing Peyton away.

For an even more enjoyable reading experience, check out books 1-5 in the series.

Tempting the Artist (Christina & Luke)

Negotiating for Love (Martina & Paul)

Seducing the Boss Lady (Peyton & Michael)

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Sharon C Cooper
Sharon C Cooper
19 Nis 2023

Thanks for spotlighting the Jenkins Family series! I appreciate it! 😍

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