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The Book Tour: The Princesses

                           ROYAL HOUSE OF SAENE: THE PRINCESSES

Grab your passports and boarding passes, we are headed to an adventure aboard!!!

The Kingdom of Bagumi is one of the last intact African monarch states. Treaties and alliances over several centuries have ensured their continued dominance in the region.

Each generation of the powerful and proud Royal House of Saene is bound by loyalty to their family and duty to protecting their nation.

However, soon, long-trusted traditions come under attack and change becomes inevitable, especially when love clashes with duty.

Meet the Royal House of Saene: the princesses

His defiant princess by nana prah (book one)

  1. Stand-Alone: yes

  2. Publisher: Love Africa Press

  3. Publication Date:  December 14, 2018

  4. Genre: Interracial Contemporary Romance

  5. Heat Level: Sensual

The long-standing, distinguished Royal House of Saene is about to be rocked by three sexy, determined interlopers. Princesses Amira, India and Isha may have to choose between sacrificing their hearts or their kingdom.

Princess Amira Saene has always done the right thing when it came to her beloved Kingdom of Bagumi. Yet her unorthodox online relationship with a man across the sea has derailed her from cultural norms. After a year of communicating, the man she’s developed feelings for comes to visit. Jake Pettersen never thought he’d meet the woman of his dreams, much less online. Flying thousands of miles to West Africa to meet her verifies that the feelings he’s developed are real. Too bad her family doesn’t think he’s worthy of her.

MY REVIEW: I gave this one 🍷🍷🍷🍷 

This is a new author for me and I will definitely be taking a look at other titles in her catalog. She gets us off to a great start in the ROYAL HOUSE OF SAENE: THE PRINCESSES SERIES.

Having the opportunity to study aboard gave Amira the chance to be just a regular girl and do regular stuff, i.e. online dating. It is this online connection that we meet Jake a dentist from Vermont.

It had to be more than just a budding friendship to propel Jake across the pond to the Kingdom of Bagumi and withstand the interrogation of the brothers, reducing him to no more to a commoner and then learning a game changing secret that Amira had been keeping from him this entire time.

While the brothers are micromanaging Jake and Amira’s visit, the king is negotiating a betrothed. It is at this point you learn just why Amira is called the defiant princess. Because the king and queen raised them all to be well rounded, being the apple of everyone’s eye and her intelligence is the one thing Duak couldn’t compete with. When Jake is faced with yet another challenge in his love for her, he has to decide Fight or Flight? Will their country be able to withstand the devastation if they decide to follow their heart?

I enjoyed this one, loved how the two complimented each other and the supported characters that made this story complete. Do yourself a favor and check this out, you won’t be disappointed.

His inherited princess by empi baryeh (book two);

  1. Stand-Alone: yes

  2. Publisher: Love Africa Press

  3. Publication Date:  December 14, 2018

  4. Genre: Contemporary Romance

  5. Heat Level: Sensual

India Saene, Princess of Bagumi, must enter a marriage alliance to save her kingdom from an economic crisis. Tragedy strikes when her husband of a few hours is killed in an accident on the way to their honeymoon. She recovers from a coma two weeks later to discover she has been inherited by her husband’s younger brother! Sheikh Omar El Dansuri has never wanted to be king, nor does he desire a wife. However, when his older brother dies, he not only becomes the future king of Sudar, but he also inherits his brother’s bride through an age-old tradition. Falling for the headstrong India is out of the question especially when evidence points to her as his brother’s killer. Neither India nor Omar wanted this marriage, but the passion that burns between them cannot be denied. When India’s secret is revealed, will either of them survive the consequences?

on sale now

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MY REVIEW: I gave this one 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

This is my first read by this author.  She completely captures your attention with these characters, her ability to draw you into the story and keeping you until last page.

This starts and ends in tragedy, suspense and drama.  India not having the option of being defiant, excepts the responsibility of service to her country and enters into an arranged marriage.  Before the honeymoon or consummation of the marriage tragedy strikes leaving her a widow and in a coma for weeks.

Omar is definitely an alpha male in every way, has never wanted to be king or tied down to one woman.  As fate would have it, due to his brother’s untimely death, he is next in line for the throne and is customary to inherit his brother’s widow and care for her.

There is no misunderstanding that these two have some steamy chemistry and it began the first day they met.  Before they can move pass all that has happen, there is the matter of finding out who caused the accident that took his brother’s life and clearing India’s name because she is being framed for it.

Every time you think you have this case solved some new evidence is produce making India appear guilty.  That coupled with throne being challenge due to Omar’s true heritage and having a wife in the true sense, you have a book full of drama, suspense, romance and secrets that could threaten everything.

India’s character reminded me in some ways of Prince Diana with her charities.   I really enjoyed this one and is worth every bit of the rating given and more.  I recommend this to anyone that would enjoy a romantic suspense and with cultural elements.

His captive princess by kiru taye (book three)

  1. Stand-Alone: yes

  2. Publisher: Love Africa Press

  3. Publication Date:  December 14, 2018

  4. Genre: Romance Suspense

  5. Heat Level: Sensual

Isha Saene has perfected the act of balancing her life—a celebrated corporate negotiator spearheading an international trade deal that could catapult her country to one of the fastest growing mid-sized economies in Africa, and a loyal First Princess of Bagumi Kingdom set to seal ties with a neighbouring nation through marriage.

Until one careless moment knocks her carefully choreographed life into chaos.

Zain Bassong has always fought for the underdog—a patriot dedicated to fighting against the oppression of his people by the country’s elite. He believes the pen is mightier than the sword and chooses the diplomatic route, no matter how many times he is arrested by the repressive regime.

Until devastating news triggers a chain reaction.

Isha and Zain are thrown together and their lives change. For better or worse? They will have to figure that out before it’s too late.

on sale now

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about love africa press

Love Africa Press is a publisher that celebrates all things African in genre fiction.

Love Africa Press is a publisher that celebrates all things African in genre fiction.

From the Îles des Chiens in Tunisia to Cape Agulhas in South Africa, Santo Antao in Cape Verde to Rodrigues in the Mauritian Islands, our stories take the readers on adventures across the African landscape, whether it is in cities or villages, deserts or jungles, mountains or beaches. No African location or experience is off limits.

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