The Night Series Review

Recently, the Book Bar came across The Night Series by Suzette Riddick.  If you are looking for a weekend read to snuggle up with, this quick read would be a perfect selection.

Caliente Nights is the first in the series and introduces us to nursery school teacher Janette Adams and professional athlete Alonzo Castro.                                              The Book Bar gave this one   🍸🍸🍸🍸

Janette hasn’t had it easy, the family has fallen on hard times, she works in her aunt daycare during the day and a department store in the evening. That all changed the night she accidentally damaged Alonzo’s car.  Being used to bad news knocking at her door, she wasn’t surprise when he came prepared to demand a pound of flesh for the responsible party.

Alonzo is at his limit with the games people play to get next to him for life in the spotlight. Annoyed at his agent, walking out to a damage car and a note from the responsible party, he immediately think it’s a ploy to get next to him.