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Tones by Anita Davis


Set Apart Publishing Contemporary Romance

The Book Bar Gave This One 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷   

Up next in the Limelight series, we journey with Desmond Douglass and Simone Gadberry. If you remember we met Desmond and Simone in Hues, another phenomenal book in this series. This one can be a standalone, but for a more enjoyable reading experience, I recommend reading Hues.

After Phaedra’s tragic coming out, Simone, because of her artistry talents with Phaedra “Liv” she became the most sought out makeup artist. This gave her an opportunity to live out her dreams and broaden her horizons. When her wings begin to spread, she finds herself in Desmond’s crosshairs of interest and the ex-boyfriend trying to audition for a repeat performance.

Desmond “no filter” Douglass is known for his crazy shenanigans and a no commitment mentally. His only focus is trying to maintain his bar, keeping it in the same location and being a serial dater. But things begin to change when he gets the opportunity work in close proximity to Simone due to Parker and Phaedra wedding.

All the back and forth only proved that they were more into each other than they wanted to admit. As the story progresses you see that Desmond gets serious and own up to his true feelings, but will he be too late?

Some memorable moments: Simone standing up to councilman Montgomery and catching Parker and Phaedra wedding. This series has given us some great characters, one in particular, Dr. Johnson who I am looking forward to seeing more of.  I recommend checking this title out, you will certainly be entertained.

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